Former lice selling site "The Ultimate Revenge" to revenge former him

Extremely troublesome parasites by causing intense itchingLouse. There seems to be a topic that there are sites selling such lice to revenge him.

Although it is a painful and humiliating revenge rather than being pulled directly, is it originally known that retirement he is aware of the work of former Kano?

Details are from the following. website sells crabs to angry lovers out for revenge |

This is the site that sells lice "The Ultimate Revenge".
The Ultimate Revenge

In "DISCLAIMER (Rewriting)" on the left side of the page, "You should take care when you take responsibility and give you a cute name and you should be cute, and transfer to other people is recommended It is described as "not."

And "I am proud to sell lice, I will sell your lice eggs to send you to those who hurt your feelings and your moods" and "This is a joke It seems that it really sells lice from the place stated as "not".

Standard green package contains 30 eggs of louse, hatching starts in a few days after the item arrives, it seems to be an adult next week. The price is 13.99 pounds (about 1900 yen).

Blue package is pack set of 3 green packages. Because it contains 3 packages, you can also revenge the three of the ex-girlfriends, or spray it on the house you live in or in a car to thoroughly distress him. Also, since it can be stored for about 160 days after frozen, it is possible to retaliate with a netinechnique carefully over a long period. The price is 24.99 pounds (about 3400 yen).

The Red Package is packed with eggs of the most aggressive, resistant and fertile fertility on Earth, and complete disinfection is almost impossibly powerful even if the entire body is thoroughly washed That's right. I am sorry that I am infected with such a louse and I am not in the morning. The price is 34.99 pounds (approx. 4800 yen).

In England it seems that you can sell lice majestly because there is no law to crack down on itself. In addition, there are also methods on how to successfully get on the site and how to deal with it when you are infected.

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