"Iron Man Understands in 3 Minutes" Movie Released, I mind I understood somehow without spoilers before seeing "Iron Man 2"

In overseas, the "Super 8"The trailer became a hot topic and the start dash's weekend box office revenue reached 128.21 million dollars, such as" Good start exceeding the previous work "Iron Man 2Although it is the fate of the numbering title, basically it is not a normal path that I do not know that I have not seen the previous work. The movie released there is this "Iron Man Under 3 Minutes".

Basically, I explained the story of the previous work and the story until about the middle, certainly you can understand without trouble if you understand here.

Therefore, the reproduction is from the following. In addition, we also have an HD notice movie of Iron Man 2.
Movie "Iron Man 2" official site | Friday, June 11, 2010 TOHO Cinemas Scala and other national road shows

YouTube - Iron Man Under 3 Minutes

The following is a preview movie of Iron Man 2.

Iron Man 2 Feature Trailer - Trailer Addict

Iron Man 2 Trailer - Trailer Addict

The full HD version can be played back from the following in QuickTime format, and there is also a main video image.

Iron Man 2 - Movie Trailers - iTunes

Other main scenes are as follows and it is quite easy.

Personally I feel that the atmosphere of this overseas edition poster is quite that.

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