"Kimo × Tomo" appeared on mixi mobile, an application that shares shoes with Tomodachi


As a first step of the social application brand "SORA" launched by RasterWorks, you can see how many people feel the same as yourself on the mixi mobile app "Kimo × Tomo"Has been released.

It is to help people's emotional exchanges as a social application, such as being able to easily express the feelings of today with illustration etc. and see the percentage of people who think that they feel the same as their own feelings.

Details are as below.
Raster Works Co., Ltd.

The outline of the service is as follows.

■ What is "Kimo × Tomo"
It is an application that shows your feelings and you can see how many people have the same feeling on a graph. Helping people's emotional exchanges with the theme of self-assertion that sends out the current feelings on categorized character images or their own words and a sense of solidarity that finds and empathizes the same feelings from the same image It becomes a social application for.

The actual graph screen looks something like this. There are somewhat net slang-like categories such as "kata! Personally, I'd like to put "why" behind 'Yare'.

Regarding release scenes, it is said to be "a concept like Twitter to perform sympathy of feelings with a character image, when it comes to general when you want to tell someone the feelings of yourself · I want to hear it. You can see that it is like Twitter with illustrations.

The tendency of current users and their taste was that many negative negative people who saw the society reflected "Tired" or "bored" were seen ". However, it is not always uniform, reflects the cycle of society, such as to see more of the brightness and hope filled with hope towards the end of the week, and returning to Monday at the end of Monday, It was said that it was like a microcosm of a society.

In addition, it is possible to send a message with illustrations to my mic.

In the future we plan to add a pattern of kimochi, add a kimochi illustration with a different motif, a function that can customize your own kimochi freely like an avatar, a function to search for the same kimochi as yourself on a detailed condition That is to say. Also, as gadget display on the PC version mixi is also planned, people using mixi on the PC main may be able to use this application soon.

The specification of this application is like this. Since it is conditional that the terminal is compatible with FlashLite 1.1, please be careful when using it.
■ Specification of "Kimo × Tomo"
Name: Kimo × Tomo
Platform: mixi Mobile
Supported models: docomo · SoftBank · au terminal compatible with FlashLite 1.1
Development: Raster Works Inc.
URL       : http://m.mixi.jp/view_appli.pl?id=18034&guid=ON

I do not feel bad that the word sense when reading out the name of the application aloud is better now, but it may become a refreshing agent of the modern society for a long time after human relations became dry.

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