We went into a vast site, warehouses, I shoved Shiki theater company "Shiki Drama Data Center" that supports it ~ First part ~

Shiki Theatrical CompanySpeaking of theater in Japan all over the country, one of the leading theatrical companies in Japan performing various kinds of performances regardless of dialog plays / musicals. Supporting the ornate stage with the shadow is Nagano Prefecture, which consists of the "Four Season Theater Material Museum" which is open to the public and the "Stage Arts Storage Room" which is a private warehouse group "Four Seasons Theater Material It is center.

Several huge warehouses towered up in the vast site and infiltrated into a place that emits a distinctive atmosphere different from idyllic landscapes, and I showed the interior that is not open to the public in a special way. In the first part "Evita"(Carrying the set from the theater to the warehouse and storing it) and the inside of the warehouse group.

Details are as below.
Arrived at Shinano Omachi Station. From here it takes about 15 minutes by taxi to the Four Season Theater Center.

The northern Alps is right behind the stationary roundabout.

The way from the station is like this. There is a good distance.

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I arrived at the Shiki Theater Center. Why is there such a facility in Nagano Prefecture, it was the beginning of things that originally the training hall of the theater company Shiki was in Shinano-machi. In connection with the provision of the city's facility construction design, it was also deeply involved with the municipalities, and it was decided to construct a large warehouse group on this land located in the center of Japan. It seems that there was also a request from the city that made facilities for the public "Shiki Theater Material Museum" so that they wanted to contribute as tourism resources.

C1 building with staff room.

As a lot of staff go in and out, a notice was laminated and posted.

A state of the morning meeting. We are handed over from staff to staff responsible for warehouse management.

Working knowledge "Safety Decor". This is not unique to the four seasons,Available on AmazonIt looks like a plate.

Also the white board that detailed contact matter is taken such as the printer's model has changed.

White birch and mountain ranges are all about Nagano-like appearance. The warehouse is quite large and industrial, but the surroundings are quite peaceful.

After the meeting, the staff will head to the place.

The warehouse is quite big.

Because it is a snowy area, it is made with many times the strength of general architecture. Also, in order to prevent a lot of snow from falling on the general road and hampering traffic, the shape of the roof is devised so that snow falls into the premises.

It is only a part of the warehouse visible from here, another thing from the warehouse group of the above photo. The thing on this side is that it is a new warehouse, the roof is taken lower than the conventional one, and the area is widened. Initially it was six buildings, but now it seems that 14 warehouses are built. Although it was thought that the warehouse which was near the staff room near 17 years ago was built enough as a storage space 17 years ago, influence of long-run performances of overseas work increased, only 3 years That it is buried with. For example, the famous "Phantom of the Opera"It is said that it will be 50 trucks, so you can understand its bigness well.

There was a guardrail in a corner.

Truck arrived from the free theater in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo. The performance was held until March 14 (Sun) "EvitaUnloading begins.

Strictly a stage set is piled up.

Because it is made possible to be able to break apart for each part so that it can be transported, there are many parts that you do not know what you are looking at at a glance.

Basically it will be brought up with ehashi with human power.

I also use a forklift, but the impression that people's hands were moving more in the unloading we showed this time. Because there are parts of various shapes, it may be hard to carry out with machines.

We will carry as much as we can with the good.

Good point.

It carries fairly large parts manually.

It is a bit hard to understand, but this set of walls shows the scene behind.

(Shooting: Yamanoue Masanobu)

After all it seems that big ones are arranged in front of the warehouse.

On the stage the lighthouse that was struggling with the light (live)

It will be carried on the carriage one after another.

The door used impressively in the play consisted of one piece.

Store in warehouse.

Parts impressive texture of the material.

It seems that board-like items are managed by putting them in a rack.

It will be gradually organized.

It is a powerfully-written name of the program that you can imagine the hotness of the production site.

There is a note on the white tape where the parts to use.

Although the free theater enters a small theater under the theme of Shiki Theatrical Company, it is still the volume of this.

Warehouse is widely wide, and expansive vast space expands.

I will show you a set of past performances already stored. WSS means "West Side StoryAbbreviation for. Frequently used words are abbreviated with the initial letters of the alphabet, including the name of the program.

An impressive color wall.

Those used for the same program are packed carefully.

Pretty high lattice.

"Crazy For YouParts of. In 1994, the parts and others kept when nationwide performances (which are said to be "travel" within the theater company) were kept. Although it is memorized as "I do not need", depending on things, it may be reused, so it is said to be kept just in case.

It is a make-up that I can not think "I do not need" ... ....

I am piled up.

It enters the A10 warehouse.

This space is not just free, but a space for the final check in the same condition as the stage. The part separated by the curtain which can be seen in the back is that it is a partition for adjusting the different size for each theater used.

Lighting is also installed.

A call to save electricity aside the switch of electricity. The spirit of saving is taken into account thoroughly.

A huge amount of motors to electrically move the stage equipment.

When I got up to the second floor, cardboard was stacked in the corner.

Also a crane for assembling the stage equipment. Conditions necessary for assembly are complete.

The maximum loading capacity of the lift is a great weight. Almost 1 ton loadable.

Move to A4 warehouse

A work site like a home center wood processing plant.

In normal everyday life we ​​have a processing machine that we do not see for the first time.

There are plenty of tools and tools as much as I think that I should not use a carpenter.

The curtains used on the stage are managed in a bag. "Letter curtain" is an elongated thing to hide the lighting etc. in the upper part of the stage, and the sleeve curtain is to block the inside of the stage sleeve so that it can not be seen.

It seems to use a lot of batteries. It seems that this was used as a light for a limousine at "Crazy For You".

It is lined with slippers.

This is the equipment that is kept for "sound of music". From here it will be B-2 warehouse

Because it is the stage that will be the first performance in spring this year, a lot of equipment was kept.

Because various people are entering and going, it seems that they are able to identify the box by giving it a name. For example, when you want me to bring this box, say "Get Taro!"

This is "mozuku." Separately the name of the box does not seem to be limited to people's name.

It looks like a sweet potato leather but its name is "Matsutake"

This is "Sazae".

"Tin Castella". There is no particular rule, and it seems that it is named Freedom. Is it a favorite person in charge?

This amount by cables alone.

Lighting equipment is also lined up.

It is the first time I have arranged it as if it is being displayed.

The vast warehouse was very cold, and there were many occasions where the outdoor person was warm during this interview. It is a heater to solve this bottom chilling even a little.

Go to A1 warehouse.

It is a little different from other props, a cake made of strawberry cake that has a fancy atmosphere. It is that it was used in the "CATS" event.

Trash of props used in "CATS" was also gone.

To reproduce the size of the garbage seen by cats' eyes, it is made about three times the actual size. I tried compared with the iPhone in order to make the difference in size easier to understand.

Bin is also extraordinary size. All these are also handmade, and they are devised such as painting on the wind that has been deliberately contaminated.

Looking up from the place where the warehouse group goes down one step, it is tremendous force. As all of these are used for equipment and set for theater, I can understand how the theatrical company Shiki is deploying on a large scale.

In the second part, we will introduce the inside of the warehouse still more, in addition to the appearance of "Equus (horse)" shipping (carrying out the set from the warehouse to the theater). In addition, at the time of the coverage, we had a special show in the "Four Seasons Theater Museum" which was closed during the winter season.

· Continued
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