"Is this beard a good beard?", A beard nourishing eyes to see a beard Credit Rating Chart

BeardAnd it has a big influence on the impression of the face,Unique beardIn other words, the person who we met may only see the beard, and only the impression of the whisker remains. Even if you have the same face, depending on the beard, it will be a good impression or it will be doubled at a stretch, so when choosing Imechen and stretching the beard, you want to carefully choose the type of beard you aim.

So let me introduce a chart that summarizes what kind of whiskers give a good impression to people. In addition to becoming a reference for choosing beards when Imechen and disguise, it may also be useful for the person of the beard when he / she gets lost such as "Can trust this person ... ...."

Details are as below.Clementine Vintage, a handy guide to beards. Pay attention, portland!

Here is the chart. It is a horizontally long chart that ranked various types of beards based on "a reliable person", and the more it goes to the right, the more it becomes "unreliable beard".
PHmF 5.jpg (JPEG image, 5500 x 1299 px)

What was considered most reliable was "full beard", covering the cheeks, chin and noseFormer Chairman CastroIt is like a beard. "Sage Beard" and "Beard (beard) + beard" are also included in the "pretty reliable" category.

"Reliable and credible" means "Full beech, another nameWilford BrimleyBeard "and" criminal beard, also called the nameBad Reynolds"LincolnBeard, known as Ave. By the way, Lincoln seems to have said that she grew beard according to a letter from an elementary school girl who recommended to save her beard to win the presidential election.

"Friendly chopps", "friendship chopps", "jojoba" with both sides of the beard (Muton Chopps) friendly with friendship, "goat beard + beard,Kernel Sanders"Seems to be in the" neutral "zone.

"Sidebrows", "Only the beard shaving principle, also called the nameAmishBeard "" Curly kichi beard, also known asHandlebar"It seems that it gradually comes into the" disappointing "zone.

"Puffin in a zoo" zone contains "beard", "A horseshoe, Also known asHoganAndHo Chi Min"Bearded beard" like that is included.

"Bearded beard, also known as homeless beard", "neck beard", "soul patch (a small beard under the lower lip that the jazz trumpetter is said to have begun to grow as a cushion when resting mouthpiece), or Runway "is in" Zone should feel threat "zone.

Clearly in the "dangerous" zone is "spotty beard, another nameSydney CrosbyCan not grow upHalf-hearted beardHockey player who was very unpopular ")," Beard under a thin jaw like a pencil "" Wolf Man "are included. If you see these bears, it may be a good idea to escape for the time being.

What is dangerous than "wolf man" is "a kissed beak like a pencil, akaJohn WatersOrJoe Jackson"More dangerous than that is"HitlerBeard". It is somewhat convincing to get into the "catastrophic" zone ... ... that a catastrophic end is waiting if you trust this beard. People who trust valued professionals may prefer to avoid only this type of beard.

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