Can coffee with a special figure of Ray Asuka Mari with UCC's canned coffee

UCC Ueshima CoffeeSpeaking of Speaking of the 1997 movie "Neon Genesis Evangelion DEATH & REBIRTH Shito Shinsei" when we released "Eva Cans" featuring characters as cans, it gained considerable popularity and "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction" "Evangelion New We released a similar Eva can also in theatrical version: Breaking ".

And this time we released Eva can, but this time we are not only being treated with characters but also Ayanami Rei with UCC's canned coffee, Shikinami · Asuka · Langley, Makinami · Mali · Illustrious It was made with three special figures.

Details are as below.
UCC milk & coffee with figure, each 698 yen. It seems that this is not limited to Lawson. If you reverse the back, it means that everything else was LAWSON original ... ....

The contents are UCC milk and coffee, a standard product.

The reverse side is a color of Orange PR that PR "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Breaking" Blu-ray and DVD is released on 26th May.

I tried out it from the box.

Illustrations of cans are unique ones.

And this is a figure.

It is put in a transparent cylinder imitating UCC milk & coffee.

Rei Ayanami.

The figures have UCC can coffee on the right, posing like a little left hand.

Asami · Asuka · Langley can.

Having canned coffee on the left, looking confident. It looks like Asuka.

Makinami · Mali · Illustrious can.

To a little gravureish pose.

I guess this figure is awfully something that a figure that can be bought with coffee at 700 yen is this.

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