Now the most searched female top ten most searched by Google

It is ranking of women who have searched on Google. The fact that the number of searches is large indicates that the person is attracting more attention to that person, and the person who ranks in is a seasonal woman all over the world.

Women familiar in Japan ranked among the rankings, such as those who came to Japan a while ago or those with outstanding ecstasy. Let's see what kind of ranking it is.

Ranking is more below.
First place:Lady Gaga(Official site)

Currently, the most attractive female artist in the world. We have won the 1st ranking of the 51st Grammy Awards and Billboard Hot 100, and have also recorded a number of achievements, including a single chart for Eurochart Hot 100 Singles covering Europe all over the 16th week.

Gaga's unique sensibility also appears in words and fashion, and collaboration song 'Beyonce' with Beyonce also has her personality revealed.

Second place:Kesha(Official site)

A female artist attracting attention in the United States. Debut single "Tick Tok" calls a hot topic in a blink of an instant in a strong visual reminiscent of song quality and unique singing voice, female leopard Chart in 11 consecutive weeks in the US single chart. The debut album Animal, which was released on January 5, 2010, has sold 152,000 copies in the first week and recorded the first appearance.

3rd place:Madonna(Official site)

The sex symbol of the world that you might not say. In addition to singer activities, he is active in various fields such as actress, film director, writer and businessman. In the Guinness Book of 2000, it was recorded as "the most successful female artist in history", and her prestige is immovable.

4th:Beyonce(Official site)

One of America's leading singer-songwriters. Such as "the hottest women", "the most talented singer-songwriter", "legendary Diva (diva)", and so on. Popular group "Destiny's Child"It has been active in various places after dissolution, so far total CD sales totaled over 25 million copies worldwide. Including the Destiny's Child era, it is over 50 million copies worldwide.

On March 15, 2010, the collaboration song "Telephone" with Lady Gaga won first place in Billboard's pop song chart. By doing this, Beyonce has six songs nationwide, ranking along with Mariah Carey who was the largest number-one nationwide single player in the US.

5th place:Rihanna(Official site)

A female artist active in the United States. When music producer Ivan Rodgers visited Barbados, he happened to find Rihanna and immediately call it to New York and he is the presidentJay · ZEpisodes that were brought to the attention of the contract within 12 hours are said to be just "Cinderella Story". In August 2005 he made his debut as a secret boy of Jay-Z, and in a blink of an eye. First singles rose to 2nd place on Billboard charts and played as a star of the stars.

The single "Umbrella" released prior to the third album "Good Girl Gone Bad" won the first place in Billboard's single chart for seven consecutive weeks and also ranked number one in British charts, European charts and world charts. It became a big hit all over the world and has won the Grammy Award 's Best Lap Collaboration Award.

6th place:Britney Spears(Official site)

Debut single "... Baby One More Time" recorded sales of 9.15 million copies worldwide and received Platinum Discs in 19 countries worldwide. In Japan the best album "Greatest Hits: My Prerogative" has recorded the first appearance of Oricon first appearance. Currently recognized as "the best-selling female artist", five of the six original albums released so far have won national chart No. 1, and a super artist boasting a total sales of 90 million copies worldwide.

I thought that I was drawn from the front line as various kinds of curiosities were handled in my private life, I won three brilliant crown at the MTV Video Music Awards, and got a spectacular resurrection.

7th place:Justin Bieber(Official site)

Rookie of Canadian pop / R & B singer who is attracting attention now. Mr. Scooter Brown, a former marketing director of SosoDef · Recordings, was active in discovering music activity on YouTube and made his debut.

Four singles cut songs that were released ahead of the debut album "My World" released on 17th November 2009 were ranked within 15th in Canada's single hit chart and 40th in Billboard Hot 100. It seems that he is the first time that four singles included in the debut album before release marked within 40th place.

By the way, it is unknown why Justin Bieber, a man, is in this ranking.

8th place:Miley Cyrus(Official site)

A female artist from America. In 2008, he was named one of the "100 most influential people" by Time magazine, People magazine "100 most beautiful people". However, the outflow of private photographs and photographs that slander Asians, original performance is controversial and has been selected as "the worst influential person in 2009".

9th place:Paris Hilton

Daughter of the founder family of Hilton Hotel. He is active in various genres such as models, designers, actresses, singers and writers. There are many cases where private life that is more flashy than work is often told, famous as "Party Girl" which gossip magazines and newspapers etc. In August 2006 the Guinness Book was certified as "the world's most overvalued person".

When she goes to the stage she often takes tough acts, but she also says, "Is not it actually a character made?"

10th place:Avril Lavigne(Official site)

A female artist from Canada. The debut album "Let Go" sold approximately 17 million copies worldwide, and won platinum discs six times in the United States. Currently, Avril's album has achieved sales of about 30 million copies worldwide, Canadian Business magazine has selected her as "the most powerful Canadian best 7 active in the United States".

In addition, we are also working on the theme song of Alice in Wonderland, a huge hit movie currently on display in Japan.

You can see the rankings below the 11th from the following.

The 50 Most Popular Women on the Web (According to Google): COED Magazine

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