2010 Takara Tommy Group Summer Business meeting held, all articles summary

Brands such as Tomica and Plarail,A special tool "Potechi's hand" to eat potato chips without soiling handsWe handle a variety of things to unusual toys such asTakara TomySince the group held a summer business meeting with new products for July to September, I went and watched it.

Not only children who are direct targets, but also fathers and mothers are packed with items requiring checks.
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It is unknown what to use it, air model of vacuum packed food which is extremely real

April 21, 2010 18: 02: 36 seconds
Fashion doll "Jenny" as a coordinating fashionista Jenny newly born

April 21, 2010 19: 35: 18 seconds
Ultra luxury version decorated with Swarovski 'Blackbeard crisis 1 shot'

April 21, 2010 20: 12: 08 seconds
New Pokemon · Zoroa and Zoroarks first appearing in the movie version, three-dimensional items such as stuffed animals and soft sovi appear one after another

April 21, 2010 21:30 47 seconds
"Hero of the legendary Thomas the Legend (Hiro)" in which the movie will be released soon will be converted into a pla rail

April 21, 2010 22: 06 minutes 28 seconds
"Tomica of Showa" commemorating the 40th anniversary that brings back a nostalgic atmosphere of sepia tone

April 22, 2010 00: 08: 43 seconds
Fire extinguishment / rescue expert "hyper rescue", special police "hyper blue police", and railroad guards to protect peace "hyper guardian"

April 22, 2010 00:45, 04 seconds
"The strongest battlefield three countries excellence" in which the heroes compete for the victory, during the 50th anniversary of Horipro, the luxury actor team appointed a voice actor and broadcasting from April

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2010 Takara Tommy Group Henteco items and interesting exhibitions that I saw at the summer business meeting

The state of the venue
Asakusa busy with touristsNimen gate.

Takara Tomy Group summer business meeting was held in the Taito pavilion near the Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taitokan.

We use 2 floors on 4th floor and 5th floor.

It was already full of related companies, wholesalers and dealers.

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