Freshness like sports drinks, giraffe "Salti Lime from the World Kitchen" tasting review

Kirin Beverage has released "From the world's KitchenSeries is a series that introduces delicious things not yet known yet, which are made in families all over the world, and so many series have been released so far that you do not know what the bullets are already.

This time is "Solty · Lime" that Mexican mom is making. This is made from wisdom that uses salt and lime for cooking, and even if you just hear it, you feel a refreshing feeling.

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Kirin Beverage | Kirin World Kitchen to Salty Lime

"I am thirsty, so it's Solty Lime." Designed with Mexican traditional cutting paper "Papel Picad" as a motif, green on the top of the label is lime, background on the white background, silver on the rock salt image.

Raw materials include sugar, fruit juice (lime, grapefruit), salt etc. Fruit juice is less than 10%.

In Mexico, the acidity of salt and lime is compatible, so it seems that dishes combining these two are often made.

I poured it into a glass. Salt and lime's acidity melt without any discomfort and I thought that it was wisdom of Mexican mother, but when thinking carefully, kore is an orthodox combination as a sports drink. It is a feeling that sourness drifts in a thin sweet taste like Pocari Sweat and Aquarius, it is a good taste good or bad.

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