Real target for sniper training using Segway

It is desirable to practice training as close to reality as possible, preferably human beings, but shooting training is quite difficult because of safety issues. In order to solve such problems and to conduct more realistic training, training targets using Segway were developed.

Details are below.
Marathon Robotics

This training target was developed jointly by the marathon / robotics company with the Australian Ministry of Defense.

YouTube - Segway Rover Live - Firing Range Robots

Target testing is being conducted at a special forces training facility in western Australia.

This is the training target "Rover" system.

I will run around such simulated urban warfare area and use it for training.

The height is almost the same as ordinary humans.

The movement speed is almost common among people. When moving, the point where it is leaning slightly forward is the same as the actual movement.

Very small turning effect, you can confuse the sniper with difficult movements such as going in and out of the building.

Unlike targets moving on rails, the movement is almost unpredictable and realistic for archers.

The operation is semi-automated and it is possible to operate multiple targets by one person.

By rewriting the scenario program, training in various situations is possible.

Also, since the target itself can also move around judging the surrounding situation to some extent by itself, complicated programming is not necessary. Since the body part is equipped with a laser scanner, it does not mean that the targets collide with each other.

Even if an obstacle not shown in the program appears, it can be avoided in this way. Also you can move even in dark places, so you can train at night.

Information is exchanged via wireless LAN.

By the way, when one target is shot ....

Other targets try to run around and hide behind their shadows. In the future it is possible to realize more realistic programming such as "being divided into captive role role and terrorist role".

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