A test that shows whether you are a clean person of your heart or a desperate person

(BySlow Brook)

It is a test that you can check whether you are a pure mind owner or a person suffering from anxiety. The content is very simple, looking at the image and thinking about what the situation is. If you have a beautiful heart, you should be able to draw out the right answer ....

Details are from the following.
Can you pass this test?

What is the situation of the pictures of the women lined up below?

Maybe you can see it one by one carefully.

I think the last woman is particularly easy to understand.

The correct answer is "sneeze" ...

It was a "moment of ecstasy". Is it that people who thought of answers that twisted "This is not the case ..." are actually crowded with annoyance?

These pictures are "Beautiful Agony(Browsing attention)"It was excerpted from the site that gathered videos that took masturbation by myself, saying that it is mine. There are various expressions.

Additional notes:I corrected it because the correct answer was wrong. A person who answered obediently and was "mistaken" was the correct answer.

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