The utmost DIY can get: A Booming Tesla Coil and 30-Ton Press Machine

It's so hard to lay down a boundary between practical things and pieces of art, especially when you see a booming Tesla Coil playing classic techno tune "Popcorn".

At the exhibition space 3331 Atrs Chiyoda in Tokyo, they had a unique compilation of installation dubbed "Extreme DIY".

Read on for detail.

"Extreme DIY" was exhibited as a opening celebration of Arts Chiyoda 3331.

"DIY Jet Engine" by Hiroshi Suzuki, runs on propane gas.

Constructed from junk car parts.

Jet turbine was made from turbo charger for lightweight car engine.

Has a nice taste of hand-built products..

"Plasma Exciter" by Tsuyoshi Hagino.

High voltage electricity through void in the glass cylinder sets off the thing nearly equal to Aurora.

It shines like this.

YouTube - "Plasma Exciter" from "Extreme DIY"

"Home made 30t Press Machine" by Tsuyoshi Hagino. He converted hydraulic lifter to man-powered press machine.

Things collapsed by the press machine; see thin coins got even thinner.

So here's how it works.

YouTube - Hand Made 30t Press Machine Collapses small CO2 Cartridges

In front of the can is a can collapsed to look like a metal disc.

"Ultimate High-pressure reaction container" by Tsuyoshi Hagino. A great pressure cooker to process various materials in supercritical condition.

Thin aluminum gaskets were used, for rubber gaskets are too weak to withstand its high pressure.

"Coke Resolution" by Hajime Nakagawa.

A description. With these chemicals in the set, you can produce the flavor of world-famous soda drink.

Some random pieces by Tsuyoshi Hagino; "Et Cetera" a precision injector and a "Teflon teacup", a strongest teacup which has acid and alkaline resistance.

"Floating Object" by Tsuyoshi Hagino. The small sheet of metal is made of an anti-magnetic metal and floats in magnetic field.

Here's the video. See the difference between non-magnetic coins and objects.

YouTube - Tsuyoshi Hagino "Floating Object" from Extreme DIY

"High Power Cannon" by Tsuyoshi Hagino.

It's a high-pressure water gun.

Looks like a pipebomb though.

And "Solid State Tesla Coil" by Tsuyoshi Hagino and Hiroshi Suzuki.

Its high-voltage electrical discharge can easily harm heart pacers and other implanted devices. So the area is closed when it's on.

YouTube - "Solid State Tesla Coil" by Tsuyoshi Hagino and Hiroshi Suzuki 1/3

It's so powerful that fluorescent lights flashes with leaked microwave generated on discharge.

YouTube - "Solid State Tesla Coil" by Tsuyoshi Hagino and Hiroshi Suzuki 2/3

And Tesla Coil plays synthpop classic "Popcorn"

YouTube - "Solid State Tesla Coil" by Tsuyoshi Hagino and Hiroshi Suzuki 3/3

Tesla coils were controlled by the laptop.

Producers. From the left; Kazuhiko Hachiya, Hajime Nakagawa, Tsuyoshi Hagino and Hiroshi Suzuki.

Hacking, DIY and Art Creation has quite a close relation, for these three are all about exploration on what are this whole world made of. They are acts to understand the mechanism of the world we live in. Mr. Suzuki's comment "DIY-ing makes us see every piece of junk metal as treasured material for creation" proves it.

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