"Hokkaido Salt Azuki" "Okinawa Brown Sugar Donut" 2 kinds are Mr. Donut 's limited quantity new product so I ate it

"Tokyo pretzling" three kindsFollowing this, "Azuki Salt Salt" made from Hokkaido's Azuki enters "Hokkaido Salt Azuki"(136 yen) and the moist moistened kneaded with Okinawa Prefecture's brown sugar dressed"Okinawa black sugar donut Kinako"(126 yen), and I ate" Okinawa Black sugar Donut Black Mitsu "(136 yen) which moistened the mouth with a moist moistened kneaded with Okinawa Prefecture's brown sugar. It seems that Okinawa brown sugar is also used for 5% of black soy sauce ingredients.

So, the impressions and the like that I actually tried were as follows.
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From left to right, Hokkaido Salt Azuki, Okinawa Brown Sugar Donut Black Mitsu, Okinawa Black Sugar Donut Kinako.

Hokkaido Salt Azuki is such a feeling, a little anko is out.

When turned inside out

I suppose that anko is out, I guess you injected it from here.

Okinawa black sugar donut black mattress is as its name, its color is deep.

I turned it over. There is a feeling of cracking, it feels odious.

It looks like this from the side and it is like that it seems to have infiltrated anyhow.

Okinawa black sugar donut kinako is covered with powder.

When turning over, something worms are eaten from the atmosphere of the hole and powder and it does not look like a decaying tree.

Even when seen from the side, it is pretty much cooked.

Write your impressions in the order of eating. First of all, from the Okinawa black sugar donut yakiniku. It is like a clear taste of taste, it feels more than the taste "It's a donut that she covered with mushrooms" or less. Rather, Kinako 's Pasa Sasa & Donut' s letter together will take away all the moisture from the mouth, so it is hard to be with drinks such as coffee. So, I do not think it would be a bad thing to match such drinks, but when I think about that, what direction are they throwing the ball? It is a feeling.

Next is Okinawa Black sugar Donut Black Mitsu. Because black soaking is soaking, it is moist and very flavorful. Perhaps it is likely to become this if you make Karintō of brown sugar probably a donut? It is the taste of the image. Because there is elegance but firm sweetness, if you like brown sugar or black mattress, you might quite like this. It is quite ant.

Last is Hokkaido Salt Azuki. The anko is pretty biased.

It is said that it is biased or if it can not be injected into it any further ... .... In any case, the taste is what it says, it is like "anpan" which makes sweetness strong with salt. As much as it is to say it is cheap, it is probably the most delicious among the 6 products for a limited time only this time. The moist feeling and the fluffy feeling of the dough matches well, and it makes me feel like "I should eat one more thing". Also, because it is different from normal anko, there is also atmosphere "slightly different from anko in usual way" atmosphere. It also has a slightly abnormal feeling like a normal style, which is pretty good.

By the way, this takeout package is a limited time design. There seems to be bags of limited quantity, but this time it was too late to have anything. Sorry.

There is something like this on the side of the box. The illustration of that girl seems to be "Misudo-chan" ....

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