Yoshiyuki Sadamoto's fake signature colored paper in charge of Eva's character deza, the official website warns about auction exhibition

In December 2008I can not believe that it is true genuine Illustration sign color paperAppears in the auction, and official websiteIllustrations of Ray and Asuka autographs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto released colored paperAlthough it was done, after that, the auction exhibition of the false sign color paper followed a second time, a warning sentence warning of attention was posted on the official website of Eva at last.

Details are as below.
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto · About the auction exhibition of false sign color paper - EVANGELION.CO.JP

The full text is as follows.

From the past, it is not the one that Yoshiyuki Sadamoto himself painted, a false "autograph autographed sign color paper"
The exhibition to "Yahoo! auction" and so on is one after another.

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto In the case of a colored paper actually drawn by himself, the name and date of the person who handed it is entered.

If it does not fall under the above, please be aware that it is highly likely that it is fake.

In overseas events etc., there are times when I sign a colored paper printed illustrations,
In that case there may be no mention of the address / date.
Moreover, we can not answer anything about the authenticity of "sign color paper" exhibited in auction etc. Please note.

This is the signature color paper of the fake that was actually exhibited. This is Ayanami Rei.

Soryu · Asuka · Langley.

This was particularly malignant and was posted on the official websiteGenuine illustrationIt is like feeling traced.

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