"Movie version Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer -" The first trailer cut for the first public release Cut lots

"Published in September 2010"Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer -"The event was held.

It was a program of great excitement for the fans who had long been waiting for the movie, as Mizushima coach appeared in the nearly all of the main acting voice actors came out and new information was rolled out one after another. Since the trailer movie was released for the first time at this venue, I put as much impressive cuts as possible.

Details are as below.Mobile Suit Gundam 00 - A wakening of the Trailblazer -

Main cast is the entrance. Voltage of the venue will be a culmination at this moment, and cheers will be raised that are not comparable with surrounding booths. From left, Mr. Mamoru Miyano as role of Setsuna · F · Seiya, Miki Shinichiro as role of rock-on-stratos, Hiroyuki Yoshino of Alleluia · Haptism, Yuichi Nakamura of Graham acre.

Mr. Hirofumi Kamiya, who acts as Tieren Arde, was absent and commented on the movie. It seems that I could not come to the venue because it fused with Veda. Because it is appearance with video that can not be touched with hands, in that sense faithful to the contents of this story.

Director Shinji Mizushima appeared.

The new information released from here will be introduced by Mizushima director "body gifts".

First I was in charge of the theme song of the movieUVERworldVideo message from.

Next is an actor's act as a new character of Descartes of the original movieRyo Katsue RyoThe news that you will appoint.

A biography of Mr. Katsuji will be displayed.

By entering the new 00 family, Mr. Miyano will call Mr. Katsuki on behalf of the regular voice acting members.

Finally appear. A new character, Descartes, Sherman's visual is also released greatly. At the moment of the appearance, Mr. Katsuzo was murmuring, "Wow, that is awesome ... ...!", One that is overwhelmed by the success of the venue.

Although Mr. Katsuji appeared, the meeting place was scrupulous but there was no frenzy as much as the beginning, Descartes responded to comment from the director that it is the same purest innovator as Setsuna "Oh, is that so?"Director Goro Taniguchi says there is a very ambiguous point about the voice actor and the actor's draw.But, as for the fans, is not it that the two are similar?

One session of a photo session. A smile that Mokojima 's hakukuro makes is impressive.

And finally, the latest trailer will be made public on this occasion for the first time. Cast performers on the stage tell the greetings of greetings and impressions of trailers.

First, Mr. Miyano. "I cheered everyone and got the expectation to 00. I got a fight looking at the preview video beforehand I really made a throbbing, I finally got pounded, finally, finally, I feel really 00. I thought that I liked it.When I was recording, I made a decision to put my life on fighting and please wait looking forward to it. "

Miki says, "Everyone, a preview video will flow" and it was blurred around with "I told you a while ago!" You can see the good relationship between the casts. "I have noticed that it was a premonition but tend to be a disappointment in the movie" which tends to be in the movie It is absolutely never said that the main part video can be shown at this time thing that the staff's thought has realized Participate in the drama without tension dropping to the theater version To do"

Yoshino says to the director Mizushima that the trailer is making the important thing of the main part completely unknown, "How about that?" "It will be open to the public, but I personally want to find a trip that I am searching for himself as Allelujah is over and I would like him to find one solid answer. It is thought that the answer is there because it is becoming.Thank you again this year at Gundam. "

Mr. Nakamura is "Graham, who is traveling in a certain way to find himself ... ..." Yoshino picks up remarks for Allelujah and starts talking. "At the event of Kadokawa New-Type of the other day, I was told that" Graham will be active "from the director, but when I saw the trailer, I became uneasy! (Laugh)

From Mr. Mizushima, there was a guarantee that he would be active unless he had something quite right, but there were scenes that showed a half-frank expression. Lastly, "It's important to know whether there are people who can make a dub in the post-record, I hope everyone can do it together with Mr. Katsuji" with enthusiasm for production.

And finally, the latest trailer cut is like the following. A fierce battle scene is the main.

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