Harry Potter's theme park "Harry Potter's Magical World" opened on June 18, "Harry Potter and forbidden trip" also appeared

Universal Studios Orlando is a theme park of Harry Potter "Harry Potter's magical worldWe announced the official opening date of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The date is June 18, 2010, and as an attractive attraction "Harry Potter and forbidden trip(Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey), according to Universal, "It is the first combination of revolutionary 360 degree theme park experience, further advanced live action advanced robotics engineering and innovative film production" And that.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The image looks like the following.

Harry Flying Screengrab(Image like this)

Portrait Gallery(The home of 'Harry Potter and forbidden trips' has started from here and it completely reproduces this room in Hogwarts castle, and the portrait will move and speak properly)

Dumbledore's Office(It is supposed to come out in the room of Dr. Dumbledore, principal of Hogwarts School of Magic School, which is also "Harry Potter and a forbidden trip", it is a replica which reproduced the image in the play perfectly is)

Griffin Statue(This majestic Griffin statue seems to be visible on the way to the Dumbledore's room)

Room of Requirement(The scene of the example where the candle is floating in the air is also reproduced in reality)

Hogwarts Express(There are limited expressions of steam engines that take Harry to Hogwarts every time)

Hogwarts Castle(We also built Hogwarts castle seriously)

National Television Ad Screen Grab(One of the scenes for the movie being swept in the CM frame of "Super Bowl XLIV" which is said to be more than 200 million yen in 30 seconds)

Dervish and Banges(Derbysh & Bang's magic equipment shop.It also sells equipments for Quidditch, etc. By the way it is point that it really sells)

Dragon Challenge(Pretty high speed roller coaster)

Filch's Emporium of Confiscated Goods(It is a shop that can actually purchase magical supplies as souvenirs, such as goods of the Ministry of Magic etc. It is a confiscated goods department store of Filch near the exit)

Flight of the Hippogriff(Flight of Hippogryph. It is a roller coaster for families and it is an attraction of scenes Harry flew over Hippogryph)

Hog's Head(The one that reproduced the pub that appeared even in the play called Hog's Head)

Hogsmeade(A small village hogs mead. It is a village with that station that you are always getting off to go to Hogwarts magic school.)

Hogwarts Castle Exterior(Initial image of Hogwarts castle)

Hogwarts Castle Scope(Hogwarts castle)

Honeydukes(A sweet shop selling magical sweets that I do not know about, which actually sells frog chocolate and hundred beans)

Ollivanders(Cane shop specialty store in Diagon Yokocho "Oliverder shop: 382 BC founded high-class cane maker")

Ollivanders Experience(It seems that he actually sells nearly 300 canes, and that experience like this is possible)

Owl's View(The whole picture of the theme park seen from the viewpoint of the owl)

Owlery(Owl hut)

Parchment Map(map)

Three Broomsticks(It also reproduces the pub "Three brooms." It actually seems to be able to drink butter beer and witch pumpkin juice, and there are other British meals available)

Zonko's(There is also a dedicated shop "Zonko" of magic prank utensils, and selling elongating ears etc. that can be heard)

The movie about how it feels almost is from the following.

First-Ever Details Revealed About Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey(Detailed explanation of "Harry Potter and forbidden trip")

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Sneak Peek(I can understand a little about "Harry Potter and forbidden trip")

September '09 Webcast Reveal Video

DVD Sneak Peek Preview Video

Intro Video with Harry Potter Talent

National Ad

Ollivanders Experience

Virtual Fly-Through

2012/05/10 Additional notes
Also at Universal Studios Japan, the attraction of "Harry Potter" which reproduced Hogwarts was to be made. The start is scheduled for the second half of 2014.

Attraction that reproduced Hogwarts of "Harry Potter" appeared in USJ in late 2014

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