"Yokohama's future diary" in which Yandere heroin fights mass murder

Owners of cell phones with special abilities that can know about the future of themselves and other people keep fighting until the last one by betting the seat of "God"Escape SakaePopular manga of the original "Future DiaryIt became clear that animation will be made.

For the hero's boy · Amano Yuki, the heroine's wife Yuno is pointing obsessive love that is not an overstatement even if he says stalker, "In order to win the hero Yandere Heroine will kill other diary owners without hesitationAlthough it is quite a ridiculous work of saying, it is surprising that it is really imaged.

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Amazon.co.jp: Future Diary 11 Premium Animation with DVD Limited Edition: Esuna Sakae: Books

According to the major mail-order site "Amazon.co.jp", a limited version with a premium animated DVD appears to be in Volume 11 of the "Future Diary" to be released on September 9, 2010. The price is 2688 yen, the content of animation is unknown.

Although the diary owner finally becomes a little and the story is coming closer to the calm, the work such as being able to be made into a television animation starting with premium animation DVD creation can be expected.

In addition, you can browse one volume of comics with the following link.

Future diary :: Flash Viewer

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According to the leaflet which was sandwiched between the 10th volume of future diary scheduled to be released tomorrow, the contents of the premium animation DVD is about 20 minutes together with the main part and the picture privilege, and it has a drawing book jacket · 4 page booklet It seems to be housed in a thin tall case.

In addition, the director handled "Director of Minamike - Okkawari" "SHUFFLE!" Series and a storyboard of "Toaru Kagaku no Railgun"Naoto HosodaAnd animation production isAthleteAnd that.

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