Hammer · H2 which was remodeled so that only 2 horsepower can be outputted

US military transport vehiclesHanweiHammer · H2 developed as a motif. Using that savvy design in that macho,Appeal to rash to Gira GiraAlthough it is often decorated, it is not enough to pursue luxury, and it is only 2 horsepower that is inferior to the moped motorbikes.

Details are below.
{CTS} creative thriftshop_artist Jeremy Dean

This is the whole picture of custom hammer, entitled "Futurama (portrait of the future)". It is a lavish custom that kept the machine that had squeezed out 393 horsepower with V8 engine with displacement exceeding 6000 cc to only 2 horsepower.

I will run it like this. It is exactly two horsepower.

Let's follow the production process with animation. Here is Hammer · H2 before the remodeling.

CTS_Futurama by artist Jeremy Dean

I will cut the frame mercilessly.

Pretty big reconstruction to remove around the front.

I do not use a huge engine this time.

It seems to be open top.

It should be a left hand drive car, but I can not find a handle in the driver 's seat.

And the most important parts: 2 horses.

Two-pronged Hummer going to New York / Central Park slowly.

That slow running is exactly a word of luxury.

Because the position of the seat is high, you can taste the king feeling.

It was the work of an American artist who did this wonderful customJeremy DeanMr. It seems only to the eyes of ordinary people as "I wanted to do it, I regret not doing it", but as soon as it was announcedGreat criticism against unsustainable lifestyle(New York Times) "Consumer society, automobile industry, expressions of opinions on recession(Wall Street Journal) "are raising voices of praise.

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