Ultra-powerful women's movie that rounds the frying pan and tears the license plate by hand

When you twist a metal frying pan like a poster it rounds and introduces a woman's movie with power that makes the license plate two in hand. These performances are often done by masculine men, but it seems that women can do the same thing depending on how they are trained.

Details are as below.
A woman who seems to be strong from clothes.
YouTube - rolling up frying pan

I will put more power into the frying pan with whole body using feet etc.

Finally the frying pan is like this. This Kathy BertramSometimes I was in Okinawa as an American Air ForceSo, I also have experience of winning the bench press competition.Worked as a bodybuilderI have done it.

A movie Kathy tears off the license plate by hand. People regretless in life should not make them angry.
YouTube - ripping license plate

It also shows the performance of crushing and breaking the can of beer containing contents.
YouTube - Feats of strength, can crushing

Other movies showing performance that Kathy tears the phone book and folds the bat can be seen from the following link.

YouTube - leenabug's channel

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