A photo capturing the moment when a Hakutoupushi catches a starling star in the air

HakutouwashiIs the preyStarlingIt captures the moment of capturing in the air.

It looks sharp until the moment of trying to capture with sharp claws from behind like appearing approaching the starry at a tremendous speed, and it is a photograph showing the powerfulness of the Hakutouwashi well.

Image is from below.
Amazing moment bald eagle chases down and catches a starling in mid-air | Mail Online

Hakutou suddenly rushed toward prey prey.

The speed of the starling and the Hakutouwashi are too different soon will catch up.

The moment when a Hakutouwashi attempts to capture starling with a sharp claw. It looks like a human being is trying to grab something with both hands.

The starling starred as a prey to the oak hawth .... It seems that it took only a few seconds for the Hakutou to fly off the tree and capture the starlingstars.

These images were taken by photographer Rob Palmer in Colorado, USA. It seems that the starling star seemed to have not noticed the existence of the Hakutouwashi because the Hakutouwa approached the starling so quickly. It seems that a Hakutoupushi can fly as fast as it can reach 43 miles / hour (about 70 km / h), and small birds may be difficult to escape if you put your eyes on it.

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