Using the same type of sensor as the power glove, Jankengrove which is competitive with just one person

Nobita who appears in "Doraemon" may decide to do a scarecrow with one person when hesitating as to what to do, but he does not understand the result with his own hands for his normal hands It is a difficult business. However, it seems that if you use this janken glove it will be able to make out the victory or defeat of Janken even by one person.

Sensors to determine what kind of hands were issued, glove type controller released for Nintendo "Power gloveIt seems to be using the same type as "It is a cyber design item.

Details are as below.
A movie that shows how Janken Gloves works.
YouTube - Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove

The palm side is like this.

The sensor is attached to the middle finger and ring finger, and it is judged to be "go" when it is bent both, "par" when not bent, and "choke" when only ring finger is bent. This sensor seems to use the same type as the power glove for Nintendo.

The hands that the glove gives are displayed on the monitor.

When waving a hand and posing, the result is displayed immediately. When you win, the green LED lamp on the left, when the glove wins the right red LED lights up.

The display of Janken is like this.

Initially it was thought that there was also a concept of making a machine that discriminates the hand shape with a high speed camera and makes a janken, but for reasons that it is expensive and can not be carried, change it to identify the number of bending fingers It is said that it became this form.

On the site of the producer Steve Hoefer, you can see more photos and details.
Rock Paper Scissors Playing Glove - Made by Steve Hoefer

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