A picture of a landscape that is oozing from a geeky feeling Various

Computer, Internet, and software - like thing are blending into normal life, and it is a picture that has become a scenery of a geeky feeling. There are things that I'd like to refer to some, but the majority I would like to hold back a bit.

Details are as below.
Is the boundary between the head and the body expressed with tags?

House where paint such as windows is applied to all walls

If you are using a Windows machine, eyes will surely go, Windows logo style window.

One of the official languages ​​of EthiopiaAmharicA guide map to an Internet cafe written in English. There is an entrance-like atmosphere to unknown.

Notation of the schedule of the day with the "things" logo to use. In the night part "Durex"Is a condom maker's logo.

Are they grandmothers who are good at personal computers?

A keyboard with only two choices. If you divide it up, there may be others who only need to use the mouse.

Keyboard type waffle making machine

Reuse the case of "Power Macintosh" as a mailbox

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