The student's parents who got angry at not having meals on schedule will burn off school

The Philippine government has set up a system to give free meals to raise the child's attendance rate, but the school was burned away by the parents of angry students because of lack of school lunch as planned .

Details are as below.
Kesal Anak Tak Diberi Makan, Orangtua Murid Bakar Sekolah -

Gaib Elemetary School in Masbate Province of the Philippines faced a fire. According to the chief of the police headquarters in charge area, it seems that only the wall of the fire could be seen when I went to the place where the school was. At that time, no one was injured in school because no one was there.

The government has set a system of issuing 1 kg of rice a day to poor students to raise their attendance rate, but "parents rage no school according to the institution" that "teachers are not issuing rice as institution" It seems to have turned on.

About 150 children aged 5 to 10 were enrolled in the school, but there was no space to take classes in the future and many important documents were lost due to the fire. "The criminal has not been arrested, but the legal process will take place soon," the police said.

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