It's like a cheese, it has a rich taste of snack tofu "Hundred Rare", sweet exotic to dry

Using deep sea water Muroto deep sea water, it is composed of soy protein and finely divided cells, water does not come out like ordinary tofu, and it becomes difficult to spread through fire, making it a hit "deep water tofu" A new product Tanaka Shoku which has a patent newly sent out this snack tofu "One hundred rare"(Hiyukyushin).

miso-cured tofuAlthough it is similar to the taste, the condition of impregnation of taste is not half end, the taste completely stains to the center part, and the type of taste is all five kinds. Although it looks modest, it has become quite a shocking taste and it seems to be pretty pleasing as a gift to someone.

The impressions etc actually tried were as follows.
Tanaka Shoshu HP of deep water tofu

FOODEX JAPAN 2010So somehow I was concerned about the sound of "appetizer tofu", so it was the beginning of meeting in the first place to stop by.

Five kinds of taste

Blue paste, sesame, ginger, yuzu, soy sauce.

The base base is soy sauce.

All five tastes were all taken in Kochi prefecture.

It seems that it will be made by soaking in secret for 7 days after 2 days, so it is the point that it is completed in a much shorter period than ordinary miso pickled tofu.

This is the real thing, soy sauce taste. It is a smooth texture like cheese, and it is a flavor which can not be regarded as very tofu. Eating it with rice seems to be very tasty.

This is umami. It is an atmosphere that makes sesame tofu more rich, and the sesame's fragrance is accented. This is also an umbrella.

Ginger taste. The taste and fragrance of the ginger is added to the soy sauce base, and it is like a dish completed as a single body. If it is issued only by this it seems to mistake somewhere for a high-class restaurant.

There are other blues and citrus fruits, and these two are "Yeah, this is the feeling" image. Or, soy sauce, sesame · ginger is too strong.

This is a brochure that I got.

The price is scheduled for about 2,800 yen with all 5 types entering, and the season seems to be around this April.

To be honest, among the things I ate recently was a pretty smash hit.

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