Technologies capable of identifying and distributing files that have leaked to P2P software such as Winny will be developed

As a result of virus infection of personal computers, accidents caused by companies, individuals, and government agencies leaked information through file exchange software "Winny", etc. became a social problem, but after identifying the leaked file, distribution Technologies have been developed that can stop.

Also, it can handle even "derived files" whose setting information has changed while being distributed.

Details are as below.
Develop technology that can identify / distribute derivative files whose state has changed after information leakage to the network
~ Verification using P2P software traffic in virtual Internet environment ~

According to this release, NEC has developed technology to prevent distribution by identifying leaked files as countermeasures against information leakage to the network which may occur in P2P software such as Winny.

The newly developed technology is a research and development of information leakage countermeasure technology (detection of information leakage through the network and technology development for stopping automatic distribution of leakage information) of NEC's Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, It is research achievements that I have been promoting as part of "

In the research, it is said that it succeeded to detect and transfer the derived file of 97 out of 109 files after constructing a virtual Internet environment actually using 1000 virtual machines.

In the conventional technology, it was impossible for the user to detect the "derived file" whose setting information contained in the file changed by the operation of browsing or saving the file, but the common part of the original file and the derived file We have succeeded in detecting by extracting data as feature information from technology.

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