"Weekly Shonen Jump" appeared in the entrance exam of Kyoto Geiho University, I tried to explore its back circumstances and true meaning

Fiscal year 2010 held on Thursday, February 25, Friday, and Saturday 27thKyoto City University of ArtsThe entrance examination of the art department of art department has been quite controversial questions that are quite different from the past so far,Weekly Shonen Jump"Was given as an object of coloring, and the shock ran among the candidates.

I studied at the editorial department and succeeded in getting the question that was actually presented. Also, I was able to gain some consideration about the backstatement of what kind of manga magazine was used as a problem at public arts university. It seems that it did not simply choose a Weekly Shonen Jump by taking a strange look.

Details are as below.
As a prerequisite, the entrance examination of Kyoto Geiho entered the official website for 2010PDF fileAs you can see, it looks like the following.

Center test: National language (200 points) + Foreign languages ​​(200 points) + Mathematics · Science (100 points) + Geography history · Citizens (100 points) = Convert 600 points in total to 400 points
Representation: 250 points (pencil drawing power, so-called drawing)
Color: 250 points (Performs two tasks, the first task and the second task)
Cube: 250 points

The center exam has already been held in January and we will practice the remaining three "depiction", "color", "three-dimensional" over three days.

First, "depiction" which was held on February 25 (Thursday) is like this.

And on the second day, this is the first issue of the colors that took place on the morning of February 26 (Friday). "Magazines" and "Asparagus". The "magazine" of this was a weekly juvenile jump. By the way, Asparagus is still an easy task as a problem, but another weekly juvenile jump is said to be extremely difficult.

What was actually used was released on the previous week of the entrance exam"Weekly Shonen Jump" 2010. Vol. 11And it is a cover like the following.

As for why the degree of difficulty is high, if you read the problem sentence carefully as "Do not use pencils, colored pencils, and erasers at all, including under drawing"It is set to a high degree of difficulty of drawing with a single shot with a clear watercolor paint.

Furthermore, when we interviewed the actual examinees, we could see the submission of tasks of other examinees together at the time of submission after the end of the first task of the day, and there are very few examinees who completed the cover of the weekly juvenile jump , Some people had drawn the advertisement part of the back cover instead of the front cover to avoid drawing that cover. However, since the advertisement part is monochrome-based and the second day is "color", it is out when it is avoided this cover.

Originally, at Kyoto Geiho University in the past, most of the faculty members who had been looking down as "one level lower" against comics were supposed to have been mostly, but from the recent trends of the recent times, such things became ants Is not it? Although it is also possible to view it, I actually found out that there are more complicated back circumstances.

The biggest reason why the Weekly Shonen Jump was given this time is that the presence of the entrance examination preparatory school, especially "Kyoto Art SchoolIt is speculated that there is existence of so-called "ask". Because, at the entrance examination preparatory school, "technology" which aimed to pass the exam thoroughly is taught as a know-how, especially recently in recent years it is thoroughly taken measures of the examination of the deciding pattern classification such as "drawing like this in this case" There was a reputation that there was a student who came from Tokyo and some students who actually enter Kyoto Geijutsu were also quite a few from this Asuk. As a result, although I passed the entrance examination, it has only skills to pass the entrance examination to the last, the case where the actual ability is not accompanied increases year by year, and the entertainment university who feared the fall of the whole level can not overlook any more In order to show, it seems that we have been asking for a "pattern not taught at the entrance examinations preparatory school such as Ask".

By the way this is the second issue since the afternoon. The first problem in the morning was a problem of patterns that could not have been so far, so there were quite a few exhumed students.

"3-D" on the last day that the entrance examinations prep school measures came out blatantly. The contents are as follows.

Where is the point, "Kent paper" size and 10 straws thick, further adhesive double-sided tape. Since entrance examinations such as Kyoto Geijutsu such as Kyoto Geijutsu are practical tests in the first place, there is a necessity to arrange materials for the test, but the budget is not inexhaustible. Therefore, it is possible to distribute to all examinees within a certain budget, and the ability that each person's skill is judged ... ... so that the contents of questions about the past thirty years have often been predicted in advance to some extent .

However, this time we are using "Week of the Shonen Jump" last week on the second day. This Weekly Weekly Shonen Jump is regular price sale, but un-released items are collected by Weekly Shonen Jump before that. Apparently it is unknown what kind of route we used weekly juvenile jump that should be collected, but it seems that it pulled from the vendor and succeeded in suppressing the cost considerably. Using that extra budget, it seems that we used expensive and expensive materials on the 3rd day "solid" issue.

Although I was not able to take a picture, when I actually showed a part of the three-dimensional material, in particular this "straw-thick 10 pieces" is not about a straw but about about 6 normal straws bundled It is close to "pipe" with the thickness of, and the material is also about the strength which can not be thought until now. In addition, "Adhesive double-sided tape" is not a usual double-sided tape, it is rather strong, and it is difficult to peel off once it sticks. Moreover, the inset is thin and the amount is small. And the size of Kent paper was much smaller than usual.

As for why this is the case, at the entrance examination preparatory school, anything is learned that a solid can be made a "closed system", and in this material, everything is prepared so as not to be able to compete in such a pattern That is why. First of all, in case of an average, "bond" instead of tape was usual, but it eliminated it. Kent paper also reduces its size and combines straws etc. so that it can not make a closed system, and we are preparing materials that are not materials that have been practiced so far by raising material costs. In other words, on the 2 nd day weekly juvenile jump, the only thing that was just guessing "about being odd?" At the 3rd day is finally saying "This is totally a countermeasure preparatory school for the entrance examination" It is up to you to understand that.

The schedule of the announcement of acceptance will be posted at Kyoto Gei University on March 9 (Tuesday), 3:00 pm on March 10, 2010, and only from April 1 to April 30, It is possible to display the test results, and in the future entertainment entrance examination, the issue of this time Kyoto Geihospirit has become a form that expressed the will to virtually declare "the person who is going to the entrance examination preparatory school entrance", next year It is expected to affect each entrance examination after that.

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