Accelerator and steering wheel unnecessary, Mercedes' driven near-future concept car that drives with EEG

Generally, when driving a car, I use an accelerator, a brake, a steering wheel, but it is a concept model of "a car driving with brain waves" which does not have an accelerator, a brake, even a handle.

This concept car is scheduled to be completed in 30 years, but will the day the car moved by brain wave runs on the public road will come?

Details are from the following.
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Mercedes' Cyborg Sensation Concept? A Futuristic Vehicle Driven By The Power Of Mind - Auto Motto

This is a near future concept car of Mercedes moved by brain wave.

Looking from behind like this.

Wheel part. It is designed to not show the tires like the car of the near future.

The driver's seat is like this. I can not find a thing that seems to be a handle.

The operation is to wear a special helmet and steer the car with the brain wave read from there.

The concept car named "Merc Cyborg" designed by Derek Chik Kin Ng is scheduled to be completed in 2040, but it is thought that it is difficult to realize, and in reality it is a display car for exhibition and It seems to be getting.

Even if a moving car that reads an electroencephalogram actually appeared, such as what kind of influence it gives to driving, such as when thinking about another thing while driving, etc. I am worried.

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