A baby looks like an angel, the evil six evil deeds who are not afraid of God

It is very adorable, such as being described as "cute as a ball", it is a lovely baby that seems to be an angel, but their actions seem to be lying with very greed. There were six unexpected behaviors of such a baby.

Many things about baby 's fantastic outgoing behavior are explained, and there are many things that can be convinced to those who have ever bothered the care of a baby even once. It makes me understand that a baby has a naive face and has unexpectedly severe behavioral principles.

Details are as below.
6 Shockingly Evil Things Babies Are Capable Of | Cracked.com

1: Lie
I can not believe that a baby who can not talk yet can not tell a lie to avoid trouble, but this is the real thing. According to a survey of scientists, it was clarified that a baby whether or not it would reach six months after birth crying loud or making a fool to catch parents' attention.

Also, when you sense that your baby has done something bad, your baby seems to try to divert your parent's attention so that you do not notice it.Baby knows how to make an alibi, before learning how to do it by yourself.

2: Have prejudice
I think that preferential treatment of attractive people is a natural thing, but this habit seems to be equipped from the time of baby. A British scientist showed two pictures of a woman in her baby (one with an attractive woman and the other with a less attractive woman)I was watching photographs of attractive women for a long time with almost 100% chanceabout it.

The behavior as described above is for the human species to survive.Since attractive people are considered likely to have normal genes, babies are made to love the instinct and beautiful people.If the baby were staring at the most charming person in the room, I think that she thinks she is a mother or at least let her grow up. To be raised by healthy people is because babies increase the possibility of growing up to 1 year old.

3: Rebel
Communication means that babies can master can be furious anyway. If you are in the hands of adults, do not scare yourself and stop being stopped immediately, scream, scatter and thrash your limbs. When things do not go as you wish, or when you refuse any actions otherwise, you get angry naturally, but you may rebel against what you want to do and what you are enjoying. They are ridiculously fickle. "Ya" is one of the most popular ones the baby speaks for the first time.

The baby rebels is to confirm the existence of myself. By rebelling, I will understand that I have my own ideas and aspirations.When parents try to raise milk, when they do it seems so, they will resist just because the parents just do something.If you are going to train a baby, you need to be familiar with their caprice.

4: Become high
The baby gets up and sometimes strikes his head against the railing of the crib many times. My parents are surprised and in a situation that they are at a loss, but after the bumps are over, the baby will sleep soundly. Why on earth do this?

This baby is not the only thing to hit your head like this. From around nine months after birth, I start bumping my head to hard ones about 80 times a minute before going to sleep, keep on bumping my head for several minutes in a short time and several hours in a long time. This does not mean that the baby is crazy, as the value of adrenaline rises sharply when feeling pain, it seems that this behavior will come out because there is a relaxing effect which is filled with happiness and comes from fatigue.It may just keep hitting the inner head all night long just to become high.However, he did not become adrenaline poisoning but he can quit anytime when the baby gets bored with this behavior.

5: Steal
Babies try to get whatever they want if they want it. He shrieks and hurts himself by head butting, so parents can not be calmer of course. If a baby hits a head, all the cookies and toys there will be those of the baby, the mother will frighten and worry. Such behaviors begin before 6 months of age and continue until childhood. While I am losing my temper, the baby will pick up and cling myself. Also, some children may be stunned by stopping their breath for a long time. These behaviors will obviously demonstrate a tremendous effect in getting what they want.

Babies can not understand complicated ownership of others. However, I can understand my ownership at the baby's stage.For a baby, "Your things are mine, my stuff is mine."

6: Kill
For a long time scientists thought that "left-handed people were twins in the uterus." Its logical rationale is that "twins are right handed and the other is left handed", so genetic factors and child rearing conditions may influence dominant hands, but perhaps left-handed people are fetuses It was thought that it was a twin piece which sometimes survived the fight in the uterus.

However, it was insufficient to prove that "almost all left-handed people were twins," so he just came out of the hypothesis, and some scientists believe it.

By the way, this hypothesis is not that "a person with left handedness is bad," but that person was only a healthier fetus compared to a twin one piece. Because consolidating twins is very dangerous to the mother, as a best way to survive as a species, there is a possibility that a selection that only one of the twins healthy will remain will be done.

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