ATM of a bank that seems to hurt when used

Automatic teller machine, So-called ATM is a convenient machine that can deposit and deposit and withdraw cash even outside the bank opening hours, but in the UK there seems to be a strange ATM that seems to hurt your back.

Details are below.
Video: UK's lowest ATM is a back-breaking 18 inches high - Telegraph

This is the ATM of the problem set up in Whitchurch, Hampshire South in the UK.

It is ATM installed at 18 inches (approximately 45 cm) which is the closest to the surface of the UK in England, so everyone is forced to bend the knees and waist when using it.

It seems that I do not understand what you are doing at first glance, but I am operating ATM.

What a penance. My leg muscles seem to be pulling.

Of course you can also stand and operate, but it seems to be difficult to see.

Many of overseas ATMs are buried in the outer wall of the building in this way, depending on the structure inside, it seems that there are times when it can not be installed unless this is done. Anyway it is annoying to the 4,500 inhabitants of this town.

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