As if a ninja, the gecko of Madagascar is the master of camouflage

The above picture is a precious thing that captured the state of mimicry in wild geckos of Madagascar's unique species, but can you see where the gecko is?

Legend of Heraeo GeckoIs a mimic of mimicry blending into the bark of the habitat forest. It is very difficult to find out its appearance in the wild because it is too expert, it seems like a photographer crying.

Details are as below.Pictured: Camouflaged gecko poses as a tree branch | Mail Online

The picture is taken by Texas nature photographer Gregory Dimijian · Mary Beth Dimijian and his wife in the northern part of MadagascarAmber Mountain National ParkIt was taken in.

"When Gecko moved his head, I noticed that I was there for the first time, it seemed like I saw the moment when the tree started to move like a living creature," Gregory Dimijian found a Suberitai Herao gecko during trekking the jungle I am talking about good luck being done.

If you look closely you can see that there are eyes, but if you do not say that geckos are reflected in this picture, would not you miss seeing it as a pattern of bark?

The body color and pattern are similar to the bark where the moss grew, and the fringe like skin under the jaw and the surface of the body makes it difficult to understand the boundary between the gecko and the bark. Eyes are also colors and patterns that blend into the surroundings except vertically elongated pupils.

The Suberitai Herao gecko is an endemic species in the northern part of Madagascar, and its body length is about 2.5 to 6 inches (about 6 to 15 cm) in adulthood. It is nocturnal and escapes the predator's eyes by mimicking it in the branches and trunks of the tree during the daytime, and jumps from tree branches to prey such as insects at night and predises. Thanks to this mimicry, the prey does not notice the existence of Suberitai Herao gecko until the moment it jumps, so that it can attack surprises.

The Suberitai Herao gecko is popular among pet as a pet, and it seems that illegal wildlife trading was rampant, but in recent years the circulation volume has been decreasing due to the development of the Washington Convention. However, it is threatened by the disappearance of the habitat in Madagascar.

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