The research company estimates the manufacturing cost of Apple's "iPad", the lowest model is about 20,000 yen

Since being announced in the early January 28th of Japan time in the early hours,NTT DoCoMo shows a positive response such as considering the provision of communication servicesOn the other hand,President Nintendo evaluates "iPod touch got bigger"Although it is Apple's iPad which gives various influences to each direction, iSuppli familiar with estimating the manufacturing cost by investigating the manufacturing cost etc of the iPhone.

It is an iPad with built-in 9.7 inch multi-touch compatible touch screen, 1 GHz Apple A 4 processor, wireless LAN supporting IEEE 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, motion sensor, GPS, electronic compass, The manufacturing cost seems to be about 20,000 yen.

Details are as below.
Mid-Range iPad to Generate Maximum Profits for Apple, iSuppli Estimates

Not only iPhoneThe world's first Android mobile phone "G1"YaThe new PS3 released last SeptemberAccording to the manufacturing cost of iPad made by familiar iSuppli in manufacturing cost survey etc., the manufacturing cost of 3G non-mounted 16 GB model released at 499.99 dollar (about 40,900 yen) is 229.35 dollars (about 20,600 yen ) It seems that it was.

Meanwhile, the production cost was 346.15 dollars (about 31,100 yen), while the selling price was 829 dollars (about 74,400 yen) for the most expensive 3 G loaded 64 GB model.

Manufacturing cost list. It is not the one calculated to decompose the real machine to the last, it is the estimated number.

IncidentallyManufacturing cost calculated by iSuppli's actual decomposition of iPhone 3GConsidering that it was an amount that was almost unchanged at 173 dollars (about 18,800 yen) for each 8 GB model, which was estimated by the company beforehand to be 173 dollars (about 18 thousand yen), apparently, it is apparent that the iPad Like the iPhone, it is likely to bring a lot of profit to Apple every time one sells.

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