A lot of cats that collect a lot of cats in one place and organize it will be like this

If you are a cat, you probably know well, but somehow the cat wants to enter a narrow place, and if you find a favorite place it will not move from there all day and will occupy. This should be only one, if cats have more than one cat, cats are scattered around the house very much.

That is why, with the habit of cats like that, it is a shocking picture that collects many cats in one place and collects them and sorts them.

Details are as below.
It seems he tried partitioning it with cardboard. It looks like something just before the horse racing campaign, but it is due to mind.

Classified as a transparent bucket that seems to be sold at 100 yen uniform shop. It seems convenient to carry.

The ultimate cat apartment. The bottom area is small, the appearance is also beautiful, cats can enter into a narrow place, but it feels quite nice, but I feel that something is wrong big. Or, I always have an earthquake-resistant structural anxiety.

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