Huge Marilyn Monroe shoes auctioned

Marilyn Monroe wrote a movie "Cheating in seventh year"It is said that a huge work reproducing the shoes that had been wearing in the scene where the white skirt stands fluffy as it stood at the vent of the subway will be sent to the auction.

It is not what Marilyn was wearing in the play, but it might be a very interesting work for fans.

Details are from the following.
Giant Marilyn Monroe shoes go under the hammer |

Joana Vasconcelos (b. 1971) | Marilyn | Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction | 2000s, Sculptures, Statues & Figures | Christie's

This is the huge Marilyn Monroe shoes scheduled to auction. This shoe was made by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. The title of the work is "Marilyn" after Marilyn Monroe.

When you look side by side with people, you can see the size. The size is quite large, 410 cm in length, 155 cm in width, and 297 cm in height.

The auction is scheduled to be held in London from 9 o'clock on February 11th local time. We are expecting that auction officials will be trading from 100,000 pounds to 150,000 pounds (about 14 million yen to 21 million yen).

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