Osaka prefecture will sell "gift buy! Let's buy gift certificates" that you can shop for 10, 1500 yen at a selling price of 10,000 yen

In "Osaka Whole World Sales Campaign Project" which Osaka Prefecture implements as part of consumption expansion, a gift certificate with 15% premium that can be used at retail stores in Osaka Prefecture "Buy a gyoza (here) Utaro! Gift certificates"Will be released.

In addition to being available in a wide range of stores,You can shop for 10, 1500 yen at 10,000 yenIt is a very affordable gift certificate, but since the number of sales is limited, it may be good to check people who are interested.

Details are as below.
Osaka whole corporate campaign campaign project official website

According to the official page of the "Osaka whole corporate campaign for campaign to large sale", during the 5 days from Wednesday, February 17 (Wednesday) to February 21 (Sunday) in 2010, a gift certificate with premium that can be used at retail stores in Osaka PrefectureLet's buy a gyoza! Gift certificates"It seems that it will be sold only for one book for Osaka residents.

"A gift buy! Let's buy gift certificates" can participate in the "Osaka whole whole-store campaign project" in which customers can shop for 15,000 yen at 10,000 yen in retail stores in Osaka Prefecture (including restaurants, restaurants, etc.) And, it is said that ten spells of 1150 yen tickets will be sold for 1 ten thousand yen.

In addition to being able to check sales stores of gift certificates, they can also purchase at JTB Osaka / JTB West Japan / JTB Travelland West Japan.

Retail Store List | Osaka Prefecture Premium Attached Gift Certificate "Gyocha buy it! Gift certificate"

If you look at the link below, you can see convenience stores such as Seven Eleven or Lawson, eating and drinking establishments such as a family restaurant and Izakaya, electronics mass retailers such as Joshin and Bic camera (not including Yodobashi camera) You can see that it is very large.

Participating stores list | Osaka prefecture with premium gift certificate "Gyocha buy it! Gift certificate"

The validity period of the gift certificate is from Wednesday, 17th (Wednesday) to March 11th (Thursday), as well as no fishing, so caution is required when using it.

By the way it is the reason why the premium rate is 15%, but according to the following link, while other gift certificates are being issued with 10% premium, it is to make it even attractive even a little bit and lead to increased consumption It seems there is. In addition, various precautions on use are also posted.

Frequently Asked Questions - Customer Q & A - | Osaka Prefecture Gift Certificate "Gyocha buy a ticket"

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