I tried to eat Momoya's "little bitter spicy oil that is not too hot"

To sell too much from the beginning of release, ""Slightly spicy oil which is not too hot" Apology on shortage"On October 14, 2009, still in Momoya's online shopping is still" out of stock "is this"A bitter spicy rice oil that is not hot"is.

From the person who actually ate it, "That is not easy, when you eat it on rice you are too huge. I heard that it is really dangerous with the taste of Deb taste!", So I immediately sold it at a neighborhood supermarket I bought things.

So, whether it is spicy or not spicy Details of the "Which is spicy and not spicy little" is as follows from the following, which is not clear what the name is.
Item Details: A bitter spicy rice oil that looks spicy and not spicy | Momoya

At the moment we can not purchase online from Momoya, out of stock.

Momoya's online shopping _ product list

So, in the neighborhood supermarket it sold normally, so collect three bottles collectively.

Calorie is not so high that it is high, 656 kcal per 100 grams. Since it is 110 grams in one bottle, it seems to be quite dangerous if you eat it all at once.

Also, because the contents are covered with oil, sideways is strictly prohibited.

"Mix well with a spoon, please enjoy with ingredients". The contents include edible rapeseed oil, fried garlic, edible sesame oil, red pepper, fried onion, pepper miso, sugar, salt, paprika, grounds, onion powder, powdered soy sauce etc.

As I looked through from the bottom, fried garlic and fried onions got tightly clogged up like mountains. it's amazing.

In the meantime, I will try opening a little bit of spicy oil which is not too hot.

The momentum that is already overflowing until the last minute of the lid. I'm going to pound the spoon here and stir, but feeling that something like this was transmitted as a jerijary over the spoon. Is it really okay ...? It looks like spicy somehow ... .... Yes, this gallijari feeling that once tormented usDustproof mask & goggles can not be made without wearing 100 hot peppers "Guillotine fried rice [God]" I have eaten with a real dealSame touch as when. That was also a jerijari, and it was pretty dangerous.

Since it does not start even if it is hoarse, I challenge a bowl of five cooked rice brown rice with a bowl.

Feeling a certain response as a crispy jerijari, mingle.

It looks spicy at some extraordinary level. I will drop this on top of the rice.

P fine, strange.

That's what you get. It was necessary for me to prepare for a lot of courage in the first mouth, but when I tried to eat it in practice it was hardly pungent, only the flavor of rice oil and so on was left behind. On the whole, the salty taste is moderate, and the texture of fried garlic and crispy crunchy of fried onions is fun and it felt like eating in the mouth happily. It is similar to when you collect the remaining pieces on the end of a bag of fried fish or something like okaki and crumpled it into your mouth.

I tried it also on the radish, and it fits really well. A Japanese-style feeling stands out. It is a taste like a seasoning that can add the impact of taste and complement the taste of the material.

I tried it even on the egg-fried eggs not seasoned at all, this is also a very good match. It seems that there is a strong tendency to match well with what is simple seasoning.

The price is 400 yen including tax. At the supermarket it sold for 358 yen. The difference between shops out of stock and shops that are out of stock seems to be quite intense and it is inevitable that there will be 10 people in the area if they have liked this product in a blink of an eye. Actually, this time I brought this "bitter spicy oil that is not spicy", but it was very popular because "this is amazing!" It seems that the comprehension of universal Satomi Mami that can be combined with various things is just right feeling. When you see it, once you buy it and try to eat it with rice for the time being, I wonder if you can tell if it is your favorite taste or not. Personally, using thisPeperoncinoI have a pretentious feeling when I make it.

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