A cat's movie trying to assassinate the owner under training

There are many owners who are aimed at cats, such as being turned off without permission and being touched while sleeping, but there seems to be owners who are likely to be assassinated, the movie at that time is released It is.

Since you do not know when you will be planning to do anything, be sure to watch out for people keeping cats.

Details are as below.
A cat that jumps up with Hirari behind the owner who trains the abdominal muscles.
LiveLeak.com - Killer Cat Ninja is back

The moment the owner took his head, the monitor hits the body of the cat and falls.

The owner hits the monitor. It seemed that the place of work was good, life was safe, but it is rolling with pain.

The cat looked at the wall and pretended to be strange.

Some cats directly attack it aiming at sleeping time. Please be careful if you live with your cat.
YouTube - a mean cat wake up call

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