Today, we respond to vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer on emergency Windows Update day outside regular

Updates are delivered on a fixed day every month for Windows security updates and bugfixes, but this month we released a security bulletin as a security release outside the regular month.

Although it is an out-of-bound update, delivery is done in the same way as regular Windows Update. The problem of remote code execution vulnerability in "Internet Explorer" has been corrected and the "effect of maximum severity and vulnerability" is set to "urgent", so update immediately Let's. Since it is necessary restart, attention is necessary.

Windows Update

Details are as below.Security information of January 2010

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-002 - Urgent: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (978207)

Influence of maximum severity and vulnerability
Code runs urgently remotely
Restart information
Restart required
Affected software
Microsoft Windows

Japan security team: Internet Explorer security update program started (MS 10 - 002)

According to the information released by the security team on the blog, some of the corresponding vulnerabilities also affect Internet Explorer 5.01, so we will distribute updates for each version from Internet Explorer 5.01 to Intenret Explorer 8 It is said that. By referring to the contents of the website, code may be executed remotely, please update immediately.

The next regular security information release will be available on Wednesday, February 10.

Security information release schedule

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