That founder of Microsoft "Bill Gates" himself finally started Twitter, the first voice is "Hello World."

A net service that you can continue tweeting as to what you are doing now and what you are doing now "TwitterFinally, at that Microsoft founder "Bill Gates(William · Henry · Gates III) "appeared. Prevent spoofing on Twitter "Verified Account(Account certified as authenticated) "mark has also been granted properly, it is definitely the principal.

Details are as below.
Bill Gates (BillGates) on Twitter

This account itself already existed around June 2009, but nothing was displayed. However, a few hours ago the certified account mark suddenly appeared, and Bill Gates himself appeared.

This pageAccording to Bill Gates, there were only 241 followers (Twitter users subscribing to Bill Gates' account) for the first three hours after being confirmed as Bill Gates, but as a blog to pick up overseas social media famousMashableBy the time it is picked up, it rises rapidly up to 4000 people in a few minutes, and in the end of this writing I am finally over 118,000 people and it is amazing momentum.

By the way, at the very first memorable first voice muttering ""Hello World.""This is written in accordance with the custom of displaying the text" Hello World "as standard output on the basis of the very first program passed through whenever studying the programming language. There are a lot of people who felt that "just like building", just by looking at this sentence.

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