Vancouver Olympic Games Japan National Team Supporting Cup Nissin 3 Tasting Review

"Nanbu WHITE white champagne udon" "U.F.O. WHITE white curry" "Cup noodle WHITE cream stew noodle" was released as a cup noodle from the Nissin Olympic Games in Vancouver. It has become a product based on "white" all in accordance with the Winter Games Olympic Games, but I tried to taste what kind of taste it is.

Although there are some uneasy products before eating, how much can you use "white"?

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Cup noodle WHITE cream stew noodle | product information | Nissin Foods

Nissin's Donbu WHITE white champagne udon | Product Information | Nissin Foods

Nissin-yaki soba U.F.O. WHITE white curry | product information | Nissin Foods

Three kinds of cup noodles celebrating support of the Japan national team of the Vancouver Olympic Games which these were released from Nissin. From the left "Donba Whee White Hot Chocolate Udon" "U.F.O. WHITE White Curry" "Cup Noodle WHITE Cream Stew Noodle".

First of all, from "Cup noodle WHITE cream stew noodles". The character "WHITE" is described as decadeca and there is impact.

Illustrations of snowy crystals are printed on the lid like winter.

"Do your best! Nippon!"JOC(Japan Olympic Federation)Appeal to be an official partner of.

Indication of allergic substance.

388 kcal per serving and ordinary357 kcal of cup noodlesSomewhat higher.

When opening the lid, it looks like this. It looks like a cream stew and contains potatoes and corn.

After putting hot water and waiting for 3 minutes ... ....

Completion Because the soup is thick like a cream stew, it will solidify if you do not mix it tightly, so it seems better to mix it like digging from the bottom.

The big potatoes are appealing.

I was surprised that the compatibility between cream stew and ramen was unexpectedly good although it seemed to be incompatible.Milk seafood noodlesIs it like something? It is a taste like a potato potato soup as an image, but it is just balanced because it is a salt tailored to ramen. Tightly intertwined with tempered soup firmly and when you finish eating you can feel a sense of satisfaction. It might be okay if you put rice into the remaining soup and eat it risotto like.

Then "Donbu WHITE white champagne udon". It seems to be cold udon from the white and blue package, but it is a warm udon.

Indication of allergic substance.

394 kcal per serving.413 kcal of Donbobu kitsuneund (East Japan)Somewhat less than.

The contents are "Powdered soup", "Kayaku", "Seasoning oil" three

I put a powder soup quickly and it looks like this.

Just like Champagne, ingredients such as "Squid" and "Kamaboko" are rustling.

Wait for 3 minutes with hot water.

Finally putting seasoning oil ... ....


Aroma of seasoning oil intensifies appetite.

Feel like putting udon in udon in an orthodox style. It is a taste to receive everyone, but some people may feel unsatisfactory. It is not a taste with habit, so adding grated garlic or adding spices and adding your own arrangements may be pretty good. After all, the new extreme noodles realize that the sense of mochi is staggering than the former noodles, and the satisfaction is increasing again.

Finally "U.F.O. WHITE WHITE WHITE CURRY". I can not hide embarrassment in 'white curry' which is not salted fried ....

Notation on how to make and allergens on the bottom part.

Indication of allergic substance.

588 kcal per mealU.F.O. 564 kcalSomewhat higher.

Contents are powder sauce and liquid sauce.

When opening the lid, it looks like this.

Potatoes rumbling.

Completed system is like this.

It is sticky from the appearance because the liquid source is stagnant ......

I felt a disappointment at the feeling of a smooth cream sauce when I put it in my mouth and a spoon like yakisoba after coming. The extent of the cream sauce when the liquid sauce is quite rich in its mouth is far from the feeling of "fried noodles". I felt like I forced some fried yakisoba, I got the impression that it was better to take the last spicy as pasta instead of making it dare to drink yakisoba in this case.

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