Goggles telling us what to do and how to repair the machine using Augmented Reality technology is under development

Since the mechanisms of cars and airplanes are advanced and computerized day by day, the burden on engineers dealing with this is increasing. In order to respond by increasing the number of hands, it takes a lot of time to familiarize one machine, so it can not be simply to increase employment.

there,Augmented realityIt seems that the development of the goggle which shows the repair procedure in turn by using technology and tells what what to do with what tool is progressing.

Details are below.
Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair (ARMAR)

This system is called "ARMAR" developed by researchers at Columbia University. By reading the IR marker attached to the head mount display (HM) with 10 cameras installed in the car, wearer movement is detected and appropriate images are displayed on the HMD.

A Marine employing maintenance of LAV-25 military transport vehicles through the ARMAR system.

In his eyes it looks like this.

Let's watch a video.

The whole figure is displayed at the lower right, and the contents of the work to be done at the top are displayed above. The red line represents the direction to the target.
YouTube - Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair

The numbers of peripheral equipment and tools to be used are also displayed. By displaying the procedure in the system like this, wasteful movement is reduced, and the required time can be shortened considerably.

The system is controlled by a console using an Android-based mobile phone.

In this way it is possible to fast forward / rewind the repair procedure or proceed to the next step.

Regarding controllers, research is progressing on converting various decorative objects in the field of view into user interfaces so that they can operate without releasing their eyes and hands from what they are currently repairing.

With such a feeling there are many irregularities on the machine.
YouTube - Opportunistic Controls

You can display the button on this unevenness and use it as a user interface.

Motion detection is performed by capturing the movement of fingers within the specified range.

You can also use it like a lever by tracing the jagged hose of such a bellows.

Rotation can also be detected.

Since not only battlefields but also general town repair shops need to repair various models by one person, such devices are considered to be quite useful.

Moreover, in addition to educational use and car navigation system, various usages such as system which instructs the procedure of cooking in real time are likely to be considered.

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