Probably the most useless machine in the world comes down

We regularly think that "machines and robots are a useful tool for people", but a wonderful machine that pleasantly pounds out such prejudice appeared.

Details are below.
YouTube - The Most Useless Machine EVER!

Try turning on the switch.

At that moment, the machine cuts its own power supply by itself. Not exactly useful.

Actually, there is another switch inside, and it is structured to continue supplying power until the arm returns to its original state.

The way of making is published here.

The Most Useless Machine EVER!

By the way, famous "Three principles of robotIn Article 3 of Article 3, it is said that "The robot should not commit suicide", but this machine breaks this rule by cutting the power switch by himself, and for the simple making It seems that it seems to have caught an outrageous problem.

2010/01/08 Additional notes:
This machine is "Leave Me Alone BoxIt is based on original material. According to readers' point of view,Nico Nico DougaAlso the same thing is up.

YouTube - Ultimate Machine - the LeaveMeAloneBox

This machine,Just imitating the switch does not actually turn off the powerHowever, the circuit introduced this time has been changed so that the power can actually be turned off.

Also, machines with similar concepts appear in Shinichi Hoshi's short and short novel "Devices that deny ourselves", "One device" etc.

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