Burger King's "Bourbon Wapper" Taste Review using Bourbon as a Source

From December 12, Burger King began selling the new product "Bourbon Wapper" which used bourbon whiskey, brown sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar for sauces. In accordance with this, Ginger Ale and Coca-Cola as "High Balls of Roses"Fore RosesDrink also divided by appeared. Since 17 o'clock, it is said that a set of Wapper and High Ball will be offered at happy price, so we went.

Details are as below.
Bourbon Wapper written "B". 450 yen.

This time I ordered Bourbon Wapper and "Rose High Ball" Gingeraire and "Rose High Ball" Coca Cola respectively.

Fragrance and alcohol flavor smell when opening the package. As expected it is bourbon sauce.

It is not particularly fancy as a burger, and the ingredients are orthodox with four types of patty, tomato, onion, lettuce.

Because the flavor of bourbon is not so intense, it is okay for people who say "alcohol is kinda". The volume as well as the burger is good, the balance of the taste is good well, it may be just right for dinner when dinner is available.

"Rose high ball" ginger ale, 350 yen. Because the ginger flavor fits perfectly with Bourbon, it is a little troubling to drink guiiigu as if it were a soft drink.

"Rose high ball" Coca Cola, 350 yen. Because the sweetness of cola is strong for a moment, it may not fit a bit for someone who likes dry.

Although it was said that a set of Bourbon Wapper Jr. (350 yen) and High Ball (350 yen) will be offered at 500 yen when going after 17 o'clock, even with usual Wapper and High Ball as "Bourbon Price" I was drawing a yen.

In Burger KingHeinekenDrinks for adults are also offered, so it may be ants to go a little bit.

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