I asked John Lando of 'Avatar' producer what the producer of Hollywood blockbuster movies is doing

As for Hollywood's masterpiece film, the impression of a famous film director is strong, and it is hardly told about the role of a producer who is responsible for film production. What kind of work do they do in making movies?

That's why a super-large 3DSF movie released on December 23AvatarSince he was able to interview Mr. John Landor, who is a producer of "Battle Angel" (Yuki Kijo "Kato Yuki"), which started from a topic on the production of the movie "Avatar"Gun dream"The movie was originally filmed), furthermore to James Cameron's movie making, I tried asking frankly where I thrust everything.

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Profile of John Lando (JON LANDAU)

In collaboration with Family Comedy's hit work "Micro Kids" (89), Warren Beatty starring action film "Dick Tracy" (90), in the early 1990's he worked on 20th century Fox movie feature film production I will serve as Executive Vice President. After that he was in charge of making James Cameron's super masterpiece "Titanic" (97) and director Stephen Soderberg's SF movie "Solaris" (02) at Lightstorm Entertainment. It plays an important role in many major movies, while understanding the latest visual effects technology which is not complicated enough, working with excellent creative personnel. We also developed a digital production tool that enables shooting 3D movies and mass digital distribution with Cameron. Furthermore, Microsoft and its partners also work closely together to use the latest "virtual production" technology and to streamline production and visual effects processes.

This is the staff list of "Avatar". When saying where John Landor is credited ... ....

The name is written side by side with James Cameron director. In creating "Avatar" you can see how many people are in the position.

The interview was held in Hilton Osaka. The following is the interview.

GIGAZINE (hereinafter, G):You are a producer at "Titanic" directed by James Cameron who recorded the world's highest worldwide revenue of about 1.85 billion dollars published in 1997 and is also a producer in this "avatar", and In the next and subsequent works, I am trying to challenge "BATTLE ANGEL" based on Japanese manga "gun dream" as an original and James Cameron director & producer "John Lando" in a combination. However, ordinary Japanese do not know exactly what the movie producer is doing. Could you explain exactly what kind of work did you do with this avatar?

John Lando (hereinafter abbreviated as John):My role is to command the whole production. We constantly monitor the goal of the story to actually tell. It involves everything, from production in the material sense to post-production process, including licensees for promotional items such as visual effects, marketing, video games and toys.

G:First of all, please let me know the contents of the movie. When I heard "Aiwa" coming out in the play, "Thinking from the role in the play, is this a word that added Japanese etern (Eien) and permanent (towa)?" Or when I heard the word "Navi" I thought, "Why did you name this for why?" What kind of origin did you naming with the etymology?

John:Since "avatar" has the theme of mother earth, nature, the etymology of those words comes from there. In the United States"GaiaIt is based on what is called moving all of the earth on earth.

G:Today is the Japan Premiere of this movie "Avatar", but I appreciated Avatar in 3D ahead of time. To be honest, until the time of seeing, "I wonder if Avatar is really okay? What is it? What about the CG of this blue creature?" When about 2 hours and 42 minutes actually finished watching it, "This is a movie history It is a milestone-like work to remain ". On the contrary, since Avatar was so amazing than I had imagined, I began to feel a different anxiety, but from the eyes of the producer "John Lando", James Cameron overcomes this avatar in the movie I make next Is it possible to make works?

John:This work is merely the beginning of one. It became a breakthrough that makes it possible to express what was impossible to express until now. (There is a gesture like opening the door here)

G:Should it be better to think that it takes more than ten years until the next James Cameron director's work come out like the time from last Titanic to this avatar for more than 10 years?

John:I am praying that it is not so! (LOL laughter)

G:Then, did not it catch up with technology in this "avatar" and it took more than ten years?

John:Regarding this movie, the technology to shoot up was not able to keep up. However, it is still important to express not only technical problems but also emotional aspects, not simply making movies that only make it visually exciting. I am convinced that "Avatar" is not only for children, but also for adults, as well as for men as well as women.

G:What exactly is the "technology to shoot in up" mentioned earlier?

John:There was a premise that all the characters were made with CG. When I looked at past works, I felt that there was a gap between acting and CG, so we did not take steps to shoot with various marks on conventional face. We set up only one camera in front of the face of the actor, so that as the face of the actor moves, it keeps track of it. In order to improve the quality of the video, I confirmed it at the level where the pores can be seen one by one, pores. That is the "technology to shoot in up" I mentioned earlier. Eye is the entrance to the soul.

G:Indeed, surely Navi 's blue skin is only a CG texture if it is a TV trailer CM, but when you look at a full HD trailer etc via the net it looks like a real human being finely fine feeling It has been reproduced, the expression of such parts is definitely overwhelming, is not it?

John:For example, it is Zoe Saldana of the role of Neitiri, but if you actually apply make-up, the thickness will appear on the face and the performance will be affected. However, in this movie production, we handle such parts with CG, so we can express everything from muscle movements.

G:Also, James Cameron cooked this avatar first as a result of making this avatar or creating "BATTLE ANGEL" before the avatar, based on the Japanese manga "Gunma"Use the know-how gained in this avatar production for the next "BATTLE ANGEL"Although it seems that we decided, we Japanese are also amazed at every meaning, seeing what the original "Dragon Ball" originated in cartoons in the form of "DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION", finally "Who is going to see this movie in 2009? Is it? Grand Prize"I got the situation that the" DRAGON BALL EVOLUTION "was chosen at the top of the second place. I'd like to believe that "BATTLE ANGEL" will not be such a situation, can you tell me the know-how you gained with this avatar that I felt this should be made available to "BATTLE ANGEL"?

John:I thought that the reason why Avatar was produced first is that there are many things that can be applied to the next work rather than the case where the order was reversed. I think that it will become easier to produce the next work as "Avatar" is done. However, there are other movies to make, so I do not know at the current stage whether the next work will be "BATTLE ANGEL".

If you look closely at the T-shirt that the director at the left is seeing, the main character "Gary" of "Gunm" is printed, and according to the place to tell you that the script has already been completed to some extent, the first and second work · It may have continued as the third work, and it seems that we have already started work to design the world view before shooting Avatar.

G:Even though Avatar was originally supposed to be open to the world at the same time, Japan was released from December 18 th release to December 23 th, but it was judged by what kind of circumstances Is it? Even among the countries around the world where avatars are screenedThose who are slow and open to the publicIt has become ... ....

John:Japan is faster to publish compared to other countries, it is only five days behind from the public release in the United States. China is showing for two and a half weeks, Italy screening at one month's delay. Timing and opportunities in each market are considered important, and in Japan it is just changing the schedule as it seems that the 23rd day, which is a holiday, is the perfect timing. In the past, the release date was not particularly notified, and it is impossible to publish at the same time all over the world now because there is a pirate problem. Even at the time of Titanic, there are places that have been shifted by two months depending on the region.

G:Is it you who decide the release date?

John:It is 20th Century Fox that decides the release date. However, since they are partners, we will of course also participate in the discussion. About film production we are specialists, 20th century Fox is a specialist in distribution.

G:I was told that it was former vice president of 20th Century Fox.

John:Yes, it is. I served as vice president for about 5 years. "I am in office"True RiseI got to know Cameron in the process of making.

G:A masterpiece movie like Avatar will cost a tremendous amount of production cost, but how much production cost took this time? Because,$ 273 millionIt is written,$ 300 MillionI do not know how long it took or how long it took.

John:Very delightfully, everyone in the audience watching what kind of movies the price is together! In other words, the film industry is the only industry that can not sell products at a rate proportional to cost. For example, a hotel you currently have is proportional to the service and the room content so that you pay so much money?

G:Then, if you can decide the price of the movie, would you want to give a higher price, for example double the price?

John:No, I do not think so. The important thing is whether people want to see it even if they pay twice.

G:Finally, in the fifth and half years of the 20th century Fox 's vice president, she directed the production of major works such as "Die Hard 2" and "Speed", made a big hit, "Titanic" and this time " Avatar "As a senior of a producer something, can you give advice to those who are willing to be producers in the future?

John:First of all, be conscious of what comes first. The most important thing is the story, then the characters. Everyone tends to go to visual effects such as state-of-the-art technologies too, but first believe in yourself. And it is more important than anything to keep believing that you can make impossible possible.

G:Thank you very much.

Movie "Avatar" Official Site

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