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Industrial efficiency collegeThe sports management research institute investigated the experiences of sports and the future orientation, and summarized the experience belonging to the athletic department and the club team during junior high school, when it is seen from all generations baseball, table tennis, basketball, soccer Although there were many experienced people in order,(PDF file) From the influence of manga "Slam Dunk" in the current generation from 26 to 35 years old, the most people who were playing basketball were the mostThat's right.

To the questionnaire about what kind of exercise you would like to go from now on, "exercise by video game"Wii FitIt was said that answers such as supporting the boom were included.

Perhaps it is better to do a little exercise to maintain a healthy body.

So, next MondayDecember 21. On December 21st one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

"Kimagure human relationship correlation diagram" that creates imaginary distorted and messed human relationship correlation diagram - GIGAZINE

"New Year's Card Concierge" that you can download over 700 types of postcard materials and designs of Japanese post official nicely designed for free - GIGAZINE

A movie playing Christmas songs with dozens of microwave ovens - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Women who want to be lovers Celebrity Ranking 2009! 1st place is Ayase Haruka | Back art(Entertainment, Aishigi Aiba who was ranked sixth last time is out of range)

It is his fault that I do not feel! What is "a body that feels easy to make" by myself? : Saizo Woman(In many cases, the more sex or experience, the more "you are going to know your erogenous zone")

Heat Tech, Heat Fact ... Difference of each company 'Heat clothing' and dressing technique are released to the public - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Open clothes, color variations and other methods of dressing heat clothing of each company)

"Final Fantasy XIII" selling 1 million books only on the first day - Famitsu.com(Game, PS3 will be the first million on titles)

Mechanism with a delicious "first bite" of alcohol (Excite Bit Connector) | Excite News(Eating, with or without alcohol, thirsty drinking cold things are tasty)

60% of unmarried women are "maleized" NEC Survey - MSN Sankei News(Memo, 70% of women answer "men who are not manly than me are around"

Five Eating Methods Whatever Goes to a Pub - Listening to a Controlled Dietician | Life | My Communication Journal(Healthy, recognition of "vegetables = healthy" is important)

"Tetris" appears to be decky! "Tetris · Decalis" started to operate | Hobby | My Combi Journal(Tetris incorporating a feeling element playing by moving a game, decalever "which is super-huge controller that can hold with both hands)

"ONE PIECE", ranked in all within 56th place - MSN Sankei News(One-quarter of manga, top 200 is ONE PIECE)

Mitsuura Yasuko finally lifts the beauty and nude of rumors !! - Mens Saijo(Entertainment, feeling of tragic feeling coming from Miura is more concerned than skin)

Hot support for Western-style hot pot! Curry pot and tomato saucepans are popular in 2009 - Tokyo Walker(Food, the curry sauce that was popular in last year is fixing)

Are you happy when you get married? A couple's bond to learn from gay - [Riko Saigo](How to make a bond known by homosexuals)

Bereaved Family! 26-year-old unemployed woman who kills people and blogs "car is ruined" - politics / society - ZAKZAK(Sorry, there is no reflection color from the comment posted in Fuji evening publication)

Unofficial image of PS3 dedicated motion controller released - Game * Spark(Game, something seems to come out from a rounded tip)

Survey on advertisement effectiveness in train - "When sitting on train" "mobile phone mail" 68.2% ~ ~ When standing on train "see in-car advertisement" 71.8% ~ | net research (mobile research) Then Net Asia(More than half of society, people in their 40s who have bought goods due to advertisements within trains)

(※ browsing attention) AnatomyLab application which can do human dissection using human corpses with iphone: Ziiga(Software, model is a genuine human corpse)

【New Influx】 NHK Uta's Brother · Sister Infected, Concert Canceled - MSN Sankei News(Society, total of 7,200 tickets sold out, but it will be canceled in a hurry)

6 Juvenile players indecent coach 8 years in prison "Patience improves football" - MSN Sankei News(Do something indecent acting using something like society, saying "Football is better with enduring embarrassment")

Japan-China relationship: Reason why China sticks to the former enemy JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Economy, unlike President Obama did not bow to his Majesty, but "I promise friendship between both citizens" was sweetly spoken)

The Hatoyama administration's unspecified discretionary spending budget is a foolish tale of the lost country that toss out in the future | Economic journalist Toru Machida 's eyes | Diamond Online(Politics that encourages growth are more important than politics, a policy to stop pain)

How long do young people continue to exploit rent? Let's have a house even for young people JBpress (Japan Business Press)(4 rules for purchasing aging apartments, such as "aiming for popular areas")

25 years old or younger "company's future anxiety", management policy also affects 41 years old and above Large - IT reasons for changing jobs for IT change - japan.internet.com Web marketing(Society, the reason for changing jobs under the age of 25 is "company anxiety in the future", it is said to be an effect of depression)

For this year's hard skin I need extensive cleaning! - [Man's Cosmetics · Skin Care] All About(How beautiful, the effect of 'peeling' dropping extra horny horse)

"Blu-ray 3D" standard completed Combining 3D video even on PS3 - ITmedia News(I care whether Blu-ray penetrates before hardware, 3D image penetrates)

World PC Market, Rapid Recovery Trend - IDC Survey: Marketing - CNET Japan(It is projected that the economy will turn to 1.3% increase over the previous year, and it is forecasted that it will grow by 10.3% next year in next year)

Shaolin Temple is a company listed on Okitate broken stock? | YUCASEE MEDIA (Yukashimedia) | Comprehensive information site to stimulate the highest grade(Economy, the capital is a 100 million yuan (about 1.3 billion yen), a form funded by both the city and travelers)

Michael Jackson: "Michael Jackson THIS IS IT", Angkor Screening at 100 halls nationwide from Dec. 19 (Sat) / BARKS News(If you missed the movie, try going to see this opportunity)

What e-mail thinks a man is "sorry?" - LOVE - Yorukoyoruta(Opinion that love, if you pay attention to "positiveness" there is no problem)

News - Animals - Half of catfish are toxic species (full article) - National Geographic official Japanese site(I concluded that there is a high possibility that at least 1250 to 1625 catfish poisons among organisms, over 3000 species being confirmed)

From HIS, Ibaraki airport to charter flight operations: J-CAST News(Aviation, Seoul flights at Asiana Airport are currently decided on regular flights to be launched)

5 Innovations to transform the city into the next five years - Japan(It is estimated that as many as 60 million people live in cities and urban areas every year, which amounts to more than 1 million people per week, so urgent measures are necessary)

Car Watch BMW, the strongest model of open sports "Z4" at the Detroit Show(Automotive, equipped with "overboost" function, squeezing torque of 500 Nm (369 lb - ft) at the time of operation)

Few strange art by the fine cutting process (1/3) - @ IT MONOist(Technology, too real, a little bit more complete)

Abundant water may be present, Earth type planets are discovered - Slashdot Japan(Science, a planet with a surface temperature of 120 to 280 degrees, which is about 42 light years away from the earth)

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