"TEXTile" as if the keyboard will last forever

Since typewriters were invented at the end of the nineteenth century, communication from letters is changing from handwritten documents to typewriting using keyboards and e-mails, but such changes are caused by American artists "forever lasting keyboard" I finished it as a work.

Details are below.
Jean Shin TEXTile, 2006

This work "TEXTile" (wearing "text" and "fabric") was produced by artist Jean Shin, a New York resident. Together, 2,727 keys are embedded on a cloth of about 6 meters in length.

The key is the text of the mail that the person involved in the production of this work interacted with, and the work itself tells about his life.

Three rows of end can actually be typed.

When driving, it is output on the screen at the end on the opposite side, as if the wave of this keyboard would last forever.

Mr. Jean said in his work "I noticed the spread of means of e-mail by embodying everlasting conversations, while paying attention to the fact that communication technologies evolve using outdated keyboards" I will.

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