Historical accident top 10 damaged amount was insanely great

Although accidents occurred in any age, there was a ranking that converted the damage amount in dollar stands. It seems that the life of the victim was excluded from the item of damages amount as being unchangeable with money and ranked by converting the property damage into the amount.

The total damage amount in any accident has become a huge amount and it is made to be thought as to why such a big accident has happened, but all the triggers were minor artificial mistakes.

Ranking is from the following.
Top 10 Most Expensive Accidents in History - Buzz Inn

◆ 10th place:Titanic sinking accident, $ 150 million (about 13.2 billion yen)

Although I think whether the image of sinking is strong if it says of Titanic, in fact it was sophisticated enough to be called "unsinkable ship". As to why such a ship sank, because the direct cause did not slow down despite being warned of the presence of the iceberg, the iceberg and the ship collided to flood a lot of seawater from the damaged area It seems to be in what has happened. Since leaving port was delayed by 1 hour, I tried to regain it, it could be said to be a lost accident. Also, it seems that the lack of lifeboat which was drawn in the movie as well as not having delivered the rescue signal immediately after the collision, as a result of exaggerating the performance of the hull, also became a factor to increase the damage.

◆ 9th place:Tank lorry explosion accident at Wiehltal bridge in Germany, $ 358 million (about 31.7 billion yen)

On the Wiehltal bridge, a car collided with a tank lorry containing 32,000 liters of fuel. The tank truck dropped from the top of the bridge at a height of 30 meters and exploded. Although there was a guard rail at the site, it may be said that it was not designed to stop a vehicle of more than 13 tons and it did not lead to the suppression of the accident is one cause.

◆ 8th place:Metro link commuter train accident, $ 500 million (about 44.2 billion yen)

The commuter train of the Metrolink (Metrolink) connecting near Los Angeles and the freight train of the Union Pacific Railroad (Union Pacific) collided head-on, resulting in a serious accident of 25 dead and 95 serious injuries. The cause of the accident is said that the vehicle on the Metro link side did not stop with a red light.

◆ 7th place:B2 Stealth bomber crash, $ 1.4 billion (about 123.8 billion yen)

B2 Stealth is a very expensive bomber enough to be said to have the same weight as gold of the same weight, but three of 24 sensors crashed because of erroneous measurement due to Guam's high humidity. Fortunately the pilot escaped and it was safe, but the elimination of the humidity of the instrument was a secretive procedure by some of the crew members, it seems to be the direct cause of the accident that it was not thoroughly done is.

◆ 6th place:Exxon Valdez oil spill accident, $ 2.5 billion (about 221.1 billion yen)

An accident in which 11 million gallons of crude oil equivalent to 20% of the load amount flowed out to the Prince William Gulf as the crude oil tanker's Exxon Valdez heading for California landed on the reef. As a cause the third mariner did not steer properly, that the captain was drinking and failed to visually check the route, that Exxon did not arrange the appropriate personnel, and that the ship that the Coast Guard is effective It was mentioned that we could not provide a transportation system.

◆ 5th place:Piper Alpha Explosive Fire, $ 3.4 billion (about 300.8 billion yen)

The North Sea oil mining platform exploded and accident occurred. The cause of the accident is that the technician removed the necessary safety valve directly, but as a result of an artificial mistake such as a liaison with a memo putting it in a note and losing it It seems to be said.

◆ 4th place:Challenger's Explosion Accident, $ 5.5 billion (about 486.5 billion yen)

The NASA Space Shuttle Challenger in the USA caused a massive explosion immediately after launch and all seven crew members died. The temperature at launch was lower by 13 to 14 ° C than at the time of the previous launch, so the parts of the packing cured and the fuel leaked from the hole for gas leakage inspection, and the flame burned from the lower part of the rocket and exploded. It seems.

◆ 3rd place:Prestige case, $ 12 billion (about 1.164 trillion yen)

The ship wrecked off the coast of Galicia in Spain, a crack occurred in the hull and the heavy oil leaked. The hull lying on the seabed continues to drain heavy oil and the amount of runoff is said to be as much as 125 tons a day at the maximum, and for this reason people related to fishery lose their jobs and a great deal of damage including environmental destruction progress is reported It is being done. The Prestige was a ship built in Japan in 1976, but this accident happened in 2002. It has been seen that the accident occurred because 25 years have passed since it was made and the maintenance was insufficient and the hull became aging, factors causing bad weather added and a crack occurred.

◆ 2nd place:Colombia mid-air disassembly accident, $ 13 billion (about 1.1415 billion yen)

In the past, the space shuttle "Colombia" which Mr. Chika Mukai and Mr. Takao Doi also boarded in the sky over the state of Texas, all 7 crew members died. About 80 seconds after the launch, the insulation of the external fuel tank falls off and the damage caused by the collision with the left edge of the left wing at 850 km / hour is regarded as the beginning of the accident, and NASA's safety disregard for the accident caused 1 I am tried.

◆ First place:Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, $ 20 billion (about 1.7 trillion yen)

Although it is a famous accident too much, several factors have been pointed out as to its cause. It is basically a problem in basic design that is likely to cause runaway of the reactor in the first place, and it had a structural defect that the response was increased if the control rod for emergency stop was inserted. Besides, worse, the operators are not informed about the characteristics and defects of those reactors, there are no steel pressure vessels or containers wrapping the entire core, they do not have the ability to withstand pressure did. It is said that the explosion mechanism etc. are still being investigated, so the total damage amount is not yet definite.

Looking at this way, there are almost no natural disasters involved in the rankings, and you can see that there is a serious mistake in contact and a major accident happening from equipment checkout. There is no doubt that it is easier to release "anything good" as "anything", but if you noticed it before creating such damage, you may have prevented enormous damage equivalent to billions of yen .

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