A man who was too excited at the event venue's companion

A scene where a man who is excited by women's nakedness and underwear looks like a fountain like a fountain is a situation that is common in animation and manga, but in fact they are getting out nosebleeds or giving out nosebleeds It is not easy to see people.

Meanwhile, I was excited by the event companion, and it was confirmed the existence of a man who works hard on his cell phone to shoot pictures while running a lot of nosebleeds. It is nosebleed enough to worry about the viewer, but it is impressive that it looks very happy during shooting.

Details are from the following.
Exhibition Schedule Special Tattle Feeling Men's Recurrent Nose Blood - Nursing Story - Our Love Phrases -

This is the model which appeared in the event.

There are many people gathered, and those who are turning their cameras toward models.

A man appeared in front of the model trying to take a picture on the phone.

Have you been excited too much, a lot of nosebleeds ... .... The worried model hands tissue paper to men.

I am very happy. It's a lucky happening.

After the shooting, the man left with a dash.

After that, it seems that I had wiped my nosebleed with tissue paper properly received from the model.

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