In order to survive the screening of the movie "Mai Mai Shinko and the Million of the Millennium" that is on display from November 21, volunteers are accepting signatures

Shinkaku (Mai Mai) also has a forehead Kozo heard from his grandfather the story that the town where they live is prospering 1000 years ago, there are lives of people 1,000 years ago in front of us A girl whose fantasy is rich enough to float it. Together with the transfer student from Tokyo, Kimiko, classmates, even senior students, lower class students, Shinkako lives in full energy ... ... that movie "Mai Mai Shinko and Million of a MillenniumOutline of.

Novelist·Takagi NoboruWorks based on an autobiographical novel "Mai Mai Shinko" drawn by his childhood model as a movie. "BLACK LAGOON"The director of the series and the composition of"Daughter Lassi"Director Kuroda Susumoto who supervised it,MadhouseWas in charge of animation production. It is a ryosaku that drew a glittering world with honorable spirit as well as not only beautifully reproduced Hofu Yamaguchi prefecture of the Showa era in the Showa era that was settled, but also people who know that time, .

However, the box office performance is struggling, since the number of shows in the theater has been considerably reduced, there are people saying "I want to see but can not see", he said that writers and others started accepting signatures for continued screenings .

Details are as below.
Help yourself to "Mai Mai Shinkai and the Mill of the Thousand Years"! : 550 miles to the Future

Mr. Keisuke Hirota, a writer, started signing activities. Mr. HirotaOn Saturday, September 5, I watched the preview of "Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium"Since September 3 th (Thursday) he seemed to have watched works eight times, so "Something that makes me think "I want to show people" and "I want to see again and again" is in this movie."It is written. And since Kobuchi was informed that the screening of this work will be finished in two weeks, he said that he decided to sign the activity.

"Mai Mai Shinko and the Mill of the Millennium" was released from Saturday November 21 (Saturday) at Shinjuku Piccadilly, Namba Parks Cinema and other theaters, but probably it will be the minimum screening period December 11 (Friday) Because there are many theaters where screening is terminated with screening, the number of screenings has already been cut 1 to 2 times a day, so it is quite difficult to watch when you want to see it. According to Mr. Hirota, the box office record in Tokyo also spreads to the rural areas, and there is a possibility that it will not enter the rental as there is not enough ample budget when softening. There is a person who thinks "I want to see", but I have a strong feeling that I want to save this work from such a situation whether the screening time and the schedule do not fit, so I can not go to see and eventually have not attracted customers It seems to be.

From November 21 (Saturday)Mobilize 220,000 people in public 2 weeksdid"Macross F for theatrical version - Itzwari no Utahime"Disaster star film owner Roland Emmerich says" I can not make any more "2012Since it was open to the public, it may have worked in a bad direction that it became a form to eat loudness.

Coach Komibuchi is also flying about propaganda,Laputa AsagayaFrom Saturday, December 19th to Saturday, 26thLate show screening decidedI heard he did. As for this, the director himself comments as follows.

Twitter / Kousuzabu Susumoto: Is it a job to make Kantoku such a propaganda? And to the wife ...

Is it a job to make Kantoku such advertisement? I told my wife. It's absolutely meaningful.

Since the signature activity is done at "signature TV", people who saw "Mae Mai Shinki and Million of a thousand years" certainly wanted to see by someone, people who wanted to see it even once, still seeing Although it is not thought that the schedule does not suit easily, so if you think somehow you will manage, why do not you participate in the activities?

"Mai Mai New child and the magic of a thousand years" Surviving the survival! - signature activity "signature TV"

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