Finally the extension of the implementation period of "Eco Point" and improvement of the application procedure formally decided, but the target model will decrease

Distributing points that can be exchanged for gift certificates, etc. to consumers who purchased consumer electronics products that correspond to energy saving such as air conditioners, refrigerators, terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible televisions, etc. as economic measures during the Aso rule of the LDPGreen appliances eco point system"Has been implemented for a limited period until the end of March 2010, but it has finally been decided that the implementation period will be extended and that the convenience of the eco point application procedure will be improved.

However, since the number of models to be paid is lower than in the past, it may be one of those who are planning to replace a terrestrial digital broadcasting compatible TV or the like at an early stage.

It is also announced that the housing version eco point will be created.

Details are as below.
(PDF file)Emergency economic measures for security and growth tomorrow (December 8, 2009) [Cabinet decision]

According to the contents of the Cabinet decision made today, in order to promote the spread of household electric appliances, automobiles, houses etc. with high environmental performance as part of economic stimulus measures and to accelerate global warming countermeasures, target the current energy-saving home appliances It is said that it decided to extend the period until December 31, 2010 for the eco point payment project that I made to.

However, with regard to TVs that are eligible for eco points, we will limit the existing energy-saving standards to products with higher energy-saving performance by raising them to "energy saving target standards that should be reached by 2012".

In addition, by setting up preferential measures on the ecological point, we promote product exchange to items to be immediately replaced (LED bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries) such as LED bulbs with high energy saving effect, Considering the convenience of the eco-point application procedure, it is said to create a system to grant home version eco points for building eco houses and renovating to eco-houses.

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