Concept car "Amatoya" of the next-generation fire truck that seems to make a big success in large-scale disasters

Unfortunately it is a concept car "Amatoya" of the next generation fire truck which seems to make a big success when extinguishing and suppressing a crash when a large-scale fire occurs. Wheel armored car with two water outlets that can be operated remotely, specialized for landmine and road shoulder bombMRAPWe adopted a monocoque steel body comparable toAirgelIt is insulated by. With this, the firefighter can safely head to the dangerous site.

Details are as below.
"Amatoya" designed by Liam Ferguson

Adopted gull wing door

It is equipped with 2200 liters (2.2 tons) of aquarium

Viewed from the top. The names of the two water outlets mounted on the top are "Operated Suppression Cannon Outfit (ROSCO)"

Up of two remote controllable water outlets.

Design drawing of the side. Attack helicopter "AH-64 ApacheCockpit like.

Rear design drawing

You can see many other photos on the following site.
Amatoya Reconnaissance and Suppression Vehicle by Liam Ferguson >> Yanko Design

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